Friday, 25 March 2016

Outfit post - Lace & Pinafore Dress


Just thought I would do a quick outfit post.

I bought this Lola May top from ASOS which was £26.00 reduced to just £6.00 and its a stunning top.  I decided to wear it under my black pinafore dress to work and I really love this look.


White Lace Top - Lola May at ASOS

Black Pinafore dress - New Look 

Black daisy belt - New Look (ages ago)

Chelsea Boots - George at Asda (few years ago) 

I admit I am loving pinafore dresses at the moment and recently bought a denim one.  They are so versatile for summer and for now while its slightly cooler with tights.

Have a lovely Easter 



Saturday, 19 March 2016

Clothing rituals


I am back and with lots and lots of hauls coming up...great news for anyone that loves these kinds of posts.  I have had a major blogging break down and have been finding it hard to think up great ideas for posts but I really need to get back into regular blogging. I am really going to ensure from now on I make more effort with this.

I have been thinking lately about my wardrobe and rituals when I buy new buying clothing.  

As you can probaby tell from my blog 'I love Shopping' big surprise I know!!!   I have also come to realise I love even just looking inside my wardrobes, I love sorting my wardrobes and every now again I will try random things on to see if I still like them/want them! 

I also have clothing rituals!!  For instance if I have been shopping I have to keep the items I have bought that day in the carrier bags until the weekend and then I like to take them out and try then again before hanging them up (and taking photos for my blog).  If I was shopping on a Saturday they stay in the bags till Sunday!  I know I am weird haha

My wardrobe is colour co-ordinated and I like all my shoes and boots on display and not in boxes as I like to see them sitting there...does anyone else feel like this?  I have all my ballet pumps in a small storage basket as I find them easier to keep like that.

My belts are hung up on an Accessories hanger I got from Primark a few years ago for about a £2.  I have tonnes of belts!  My handbags are all stored neatly next to each other in colour order. 

I also have all my dresses hung up (winter and summer mixed) but in colour co-ordination.  I start with whites/cream/nudes then pinks/peaches then red then navy/blues/greens and lastly blacks/greys.  Maybe I am weird but does anyone else do this?  

I have a whole wardrobe of just dresses and then another wardrobe with skirts, tops, blouses, knitwear etc all in colour co-ordination.

I also have this obsession that I cannot have a messy wardrobe, everything has to be neatly on the hangers, they have to look tidy with any zips, buttons done up and belts tied up.   

I think because I love my clothing so much I like to keep it nice and well organised.  

I also keep my jewellery and hair accessories in a little storage drawers I got from B&M a while ago. My necklaces and hair wraps are hanging up on a little butterfly hook inside my wardrobe.

I spend a lot of money on clothing, I don't drink or smoke and have never taken drugs and I don't have any children (except for my cat who is my baby) so I all my money goes on clothing, holidays or the house.

People say you are always shopping but I say to them as long as I can afford it and my bills are paid what does it matter.  After all this is my little vice and it does not harm anyone else.  I work so why should I not spend my money how I like it!

Do you have any clothing rituals?  Do you like your wardrobe a certain way?

Take care