Sunday, 20 December 2015



I am back and trying to get back to blogging again after the sudden death of my cat.  I will never be over it but feel I have to move on.  I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments.

When it first happened I spent 3 days in bed not wanting to eat or face anyone and crying all the was a terrible and I have still not gotten over losing him, he was a massive part of my life and its hard to think I will never ever see him again.  I just have to remember the good times and realise the fact that he had a brilliant life, a lot nicer life than a lot of cats who maybe homeless or are subject to abuse. Ollie had everything and we gave him so much love and attention. He also gave us so much happiness and love.  He will be truly missed.
With this in mind we have decided to get another cat or maybe two cats, they will never ever replace Ollie as he was unique but it will help to have more furbabies around.
Also we are unsure if Ollie passed away on my birthday or the early hours of the day after so unfortunately my birthday will always be tinged with sadness from now on.

Anyway trying to move on to nicer things I thought I would do a post of things I have loved lately just as a way of easing myself back into blogging.

My new Pandora ring bought by my lovely husband for my birthday back in November.

my pretty Initial necklace from a lovely friend

also these pretty glasses which she also bought me when she was in the Lake District...they are so me.

my new Miss Selfridge coat from the Petites range...which I got in the sales.

I am really behind with posts at the moment.  I have a massive H&M haul coming up so look out for that..I have literally bought loads in H&M recently sale and non sale items.

I have also purchased a couple of other sale items which I shall get around to showing you all.

Oh well Christmas is only a few days away, to be honest it does not feel like christmas to me but I am hoping I will feel more festive very soon!

ps - since writing this we have welcomed another cat into our home....more about him very soon :) 

Take care



  1. Welcome back to blogging lovely lady xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply and thankyou x

  2. Happy belated bday Lisa! I feel for your lost. I love the little votive holders!

    1. Thanks Stephanie its still hard but I just have to move on. Will never forget him though x


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