Friday, 13 November 2015

Sad News

Hi everyone

I really hate having to write this post but we lost our beloved cat Ollie this week and words cannot express how sad I am.

We had Ollie for just over 3 years, thats all just 3 years and he was only 5 years old.  

Basically we went to Devon last Sunday to celebrate my birthday only for a few days as we were coming back on the Wednesday.  A trusty neighbour was coming in 3 times a day to feed him etc.  On the morning we were due to come home she entered the house and usually he would come running downstairs to greet her but there was nothing.  She went into the living room and found him laying on his side.  Unfortunately he had passed away sometime between 8pm the following evening and 8am that morning. 

I feel to blame, I feel that he died all alone with no one to help him.  You may ask why we did not put him in a cattery?  We have done this before and when he came home he was even more distressed and was really light so I thought he had not been fed well.  Since then when we have gone away usually Mike's parents woud come in and also the neighbour.  Mikes dad has to go into hospital that Monday as he has just be diagnosed with an aggressive cancer so therefore we thought he would be ok with the neighbour coming in 3 x times a day and it was only for 2 days.

We took him to the vets and the vet thinks he had a fit as he was biting his tongue when he died and there was saliva around his cheeks and on the floor.

I am totally and utterly devastated..I have been in bed for the last 2 days and have not hardly eaten.  Ollie was our life, we don't have children so he was my baby and I feel so lost and alone without him.

Ollie was the most loveliest cat ever, he was so affectionate, gentle and loving.

I really don't know how I am going to come to terms with this I am just constantly crying and nothing can comfort me and make me feel better.

I am not looking forward to christmas and feel there is nothing to look forward too.

Here is the story of when we got Ollie.....

I cannot believe we just had 3 years with him and I feel totally responsible for his death..


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Its time for another collective HAUL!

Hello everyone

I just thought I would do a quick haul post to show you some of the items I have purchased over the last month or so!

Ok so there have been a few sales around of late so some of these are recent sale items and others (like the Primark bits) I purchased about 4 weeks ago.

Firstly we head to ASOS (my favourite online shop) where I purchased this pretty crochet cream dress in the sale.  This was £40 reduced to £18 and its still online.
Its quite a summery dress but I think the long sleeves make it more autumny (is that a word??) and I had this vision of wearing it with thick tights and chelsea boots and maybe layering with a cardigan.

I also got a Nica purse this was £25 reduced to £ this nude purse with the owl on the front.

Then onto Miss Selfridge a shop I don't go into much but I love their website as they often have good discount codes.  I purchased this denim dress in the sale it was reduced to £17.  Its very fitted like a bodycon style dress

In Topshop I purchased this Ribbed Funnel Neck Top.  The colour of this top is gorgeous, its so soft and has a lovely fit and overall look.  I would like to purchase more of these in other colours! 

In H&M I got this pretty pink butterly top, this is really nice with jeggings

Finally in Primark I purchased the following:

Knitted A-line skirt, this was £10 the material is so so gorgeous you would not believe its from Primark.  Its like a super stretchy woolly material.  They also had it in tan but I have a tan skirt and I really wanted the black,  I love the buttons up the font.

Terracota ballet pumps- love these and I love the colour...they are really comfy too.  I admit I was not keen on the gold bit at the front (reminds me of the villain in the Bond film where she had blades in her shoe lol) but I overlooked this as I loved the shoes.

Cream hat and cream headwrap.  I love the idea of wearing a headwrap but think would I look silly? However I have seen people wearing them and think how cute they look.  I tried one on and a few people have said it really suits me.  I have not actually worn it out though yet haha
I love the hat its supersoft and I will definitely wear this when it gets colder.

I have also purchased 2 new pairs of Boots and 2 coats!!!  I thought I would put these in a seperate post as I just have bought too much...naughty me!  

Let me know what you think of my purchases and also what you have been buying?