Sunday, 27 September 2015

♥ Large Collective Haul - New Look, Forever 21, H&M, Primark, Dorothy Perkins, Select & Missguided ♥

Hello lovelies

I am back!!!  I have not been blogging for ages as I have been finding it so hard to get inspiration.  We are in the middle of decorating the spare room, so we have been buying wallpaper and paint.  I am going to make it very shabby chic but classy and I want it to be a dressing room and a spare room for when people stay!  I have bought some gorgeous curtains and want to get a new wardrobe and dressing table.  I do have a small homeware haul which I will have coming up.  I feel when I can get this room sorted out I will be able to do more outfit posts plus should have more time to blog!
I do really want to get back into blogging I just need to find the time. 

Just to give you an update as I have been away for a while...eek!  I have kept the weight off that I lost through going Gluten Free and have lost a bit more weight.  I weigh less now than when I got married and I am easily into an 8-10 so this is another reason I would like to do some outfit posts as I do feel a lot happier about my body.

Anyway onto this haul post.  I thought I would just show you a few clothing items I  have purchased over the past few months ( I mean as I have been away did you really think I had not been shopping! haha!!!) .  

I do love haul posts as I like discussing things I have bought and also I love reading other hauls posts too...I just love to see what people have been buying.

Just to make you aware I have used my own photos on some but used the websites pictures on others as to be honest a lot of this I have worn and forgot to take photos. 

I will do this by store as its makes it easier so first up we have New of my favourite stores on the high street.

New Look 

I noticed this Black Pinafore dress online and they only had a size 10 left, usually I need size 8 in New Look so was worried this would be too big!  I was so happy when it arrived its so nice.  It reminds me of a Jennifer Aniston dress, I don't know why though! Worn alone its very sexy without showing loads of flesh.  It's also nice with a jumper or shirt under.  

Navy A-line Skirt, again I love this it was reduced to £10 in the sale and its very flattering.  The material is really thick like 'ponte' material and it has stretch to it.

Ditsy Floral Wrap Dress - I was unsure about this when I saw it online but it was reduced to £10.  Again they only had a 10 left so I ordered it and I must admit I would have preferred the size 8 as the 10 is rather baggy around my chest and waist.  One thing I have loved about losing weight is going from a having massive boobs to just big boobs.  Its made such a big difference and I am a lot happier!  This dress is very pretty. 

Forever 21

There has not been much in F21 lately that I have really wanted however when I saw this Rose Print Dress I thought it would be a really nice 'winter floral' dress. Its very pretty and was only £10.00.


I bought this cream stretchy bardot jumper in H&M which was £19.99...a but steep for H&M but I can really see why its so expensive as the quality, feel and look of this jumper is amazing.  Its very very stretchy like elastic and nice material so it retains its shape.  I am not a fan of baggy shapeless jumpers as they don't suit me.  I was tempted to get it in red too but its quite a lot of money to get both and I knew the cream would go with everything.

Cream Ribbed top

Superstretch Treggings - these are only £12.99 and H&M have them in various colours.  I love them the only downside is that being short they are a bit too long for me as H&M only seem to do the 32 inch leg!  

Sweetheart ribbed top, I am loving ribbed tops at the moment I love the fact they fit nice and retain their shape.  


The last time I went to Primark it must have been at least 6 weeks ago but I am planning on going there next weekend.  I did purchase at peach butterly print cardigan but unfortunately I don't have a photo and its in the wash at the moment!  I also bought these tan punchole boots.  The boots were only £13.00 but now I am not so keen on them as I don't like the pale coloured heel much.  I am so fussy I am  hoping I can get over that and wear them sometime! 

Dorothy Perkins

Another basic ribbed top this was such great value and looks fab with so many skirts I have.


Not a great fan of Select but they do have some cracking items in the sales.  I picked up this Floral Tea dress for only £6.99...its very pretty and ideal for work 

and this textured skirt was a fiver.


I purchased this pretty pink ribbed top.  I love this it goes really well with my New Look Floral skirt and I am thinking I will wear it with my camel a-line skirt and it looks so nice in this outfit.

Well thats about it for now!

Let me know what you have been buying lately.

Take care

Lisa -Jane


  1. I totally see what you mean about a Jennifer Aniston dress! Love the ditsy print on the new look dress x

  2. I love the Select floral teadress - very pretty.

    It's a shame you don't like the Primark boots - I think they're lovely!

    1. Yeah its lovely and great for the price. I do like the boots its just the heel but I just need to get over it and wear them x


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