Friday, 24 July 2015

My tips to shopping at Forever 21.


I love Forever 21. 

I ordered these gorgeous nude pointed ballet pumps with ankle straps the other day and I have to say these are stunning.  They look like real leather and are very comfy.  Love these shoes so much.

There are a few tips to shopping at Forever 21 in the UK,  I think they only have 3 or 4 stores in the UK and as I don't live near any of them I often buy online.

My tips to shopping at Forever 21 are:

  • Google their items to see the reviews on the US site - The UK site don't have reviews however the USA site does. If you copy and paste your items into the google search bar with the words Forever 21 before you can bring up the USA items with reviews!  Alternatively go to the USA site and search for the item...this does not always work though as sometimes the search option works and sometimes it doesn't.  I have found looking at the reviews invaluable as they do charge you for returning items (see point below) 
  • I hate paying for delivery so I have signed up to receiving their news via email and sometimes they send you discount codes.  Also now and again they do give free delivery if you order over £21.  However if you cannot wait you can save a £1.00 and have it delivered to a UPS outlet point for £2.95.
  • Always size up by half a size when buying shoes/boots!  Their footwear is always smaller sized.  I do love the fact that F21 do half sizes though.  I am a size 4 so I tend to order a 4.5 and they fit much better.  .
  • Be careful with sizing. Forever 21 is a Korean/American company and their clothing does come up smaller.  
  •   Again as their clothing is smaller sized I find their dresses can be quite short. however as I am only 5ft 3in so they are ok for me but be careful to check the length of the items if you are taller.
  • Check the material content of items especially dresses.  It it says unlined then don't bother as you know that's going to stick to you like clingfilm.
  • Make sure you really want the item before ordering or check the reviews.  You do not have to pay postage to return items however they do deduct £2.50 from your refund. 
  • Finally if you really want something and don't mind paying the postage then my advice is don't wait, just order it.  I have basically done this before where I have really wanted an item and left it a day before ordering and then its sold out!  Because they are quite cheap I find size Small tends to sell out straight away and the Medium soon after.  

Things I love at Forever 21 are:

Their knitwear is gorgeous, I honestly don't think I have ordered one item of knitwear that I have not loved.  It looks nice and feels nice plus its so cheap. 

Their jewellery is fab too, they has some pretty items and at such low prices. 

They have some fab dresses, really feminine dresses and I also love their knitted dresses.

Do you like Forever 21?  I do hope these tips have helped you when purchasing from them.



  1. Good tips! I actually can get to two F21s near me so that is good but I have ordered online from them.x

  2. Welcome back lovely! Great post :) x

  3. I've never ordered from them and find the stores quite intimidating (messy and loud). I have heard loads about their jewellery too x

  4. Thanks for your tips Lisa-Jane! I'm always wary of ordering clothes!


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