Saturday, 27 June 2015

Summer Sales Haul including Sugarhill Boutique Dress ♥♥♥

Hi everyone

I just thought I would do a post about some fabulous winter items I have bought in the summer sales. I have this thing every year where I buy winter items in summer and summer items in winter.  You can usually get some really good bargains if you buy things out of season and I always seem to get some pretty good deals.

This is a collective haul of items I have bought over the past 2 months that have been sale items.  

The first item I bought is not a winter item its definitely for summer!  In ASOS I think I just managed to login at the right time as I managed to get this gorgeous Sugarhill Boutique Flutter Dress which was £52.00 reduced to £14.00!  I could not quite believe my luck when this popped up.  Its adorable I am taking this dress on my holiday next week :) 

New Look

In New Look I bought these real tan suede boots for just £7.00.  Basically these are the most comfiest boots I have and they look so stylish I could not believe what a bargain they were.  The were originally £44.99 reduced to £25.99 but because the suede looked only ever so slightly worn on one boot I managed to pick them up for £7.00.  I think I was just in the right place at the right time as this was the only pair left and in a size 4!  I have brushed the suede and you can not even notice any difference in them! 

Again another New Look item I got this gorgeous cream fake fur jacket for only £11.00 in the New Look online sale.  It was originally £45.00 and its a truly gorgeous jacket. I am sure you will agree a great bargain for £11.00.  They still have it for sale on the ASOS website but its £28.00 on there, still quite a good deal though.

Then to Forever 21, I managed to get these long taupe suede effect boots for only £10.99.  These were originally £25.00 I think so not a massive deal but these are really lovely especially with denim jeggings.  

Also I got this cream knit cardigan......I adore this cardi ♥ this was reduced to £10.50 and it looks so much more expensive.  It feels so lovely to wear, its really warm and snugly but also stylish.

Navy Blue Floral Tea Dress, I think this was only £4.99,  Its  a tad too big around the waist but with a belt its nice and will look lovely with thick tights and boots with a chunky cardi when its colder!  


I also got this pretty floral brush...this was not in the sale but I needed a brush and you know me and florals! 

In Dorothy Perkins I got this Pointelle Heart Jumper for only £10.80...oh my god this is so lovely.  Its actually a size 6 but its more like an 8-10. Its a pretty blush pink colour and is very stretchy. Its quite thin so you need to wear a vest top under but its just so pretty.  I love the little pointelle hearts.  They still have this online.

Well there you have it some of my sale purchases.  Have you been buying much in the sales?



Thursday, 11 June 2015

Outfit Post - Floral Skater


It was such a lovely weekend so we went out for a meal Saturday afternoon/early evening.

I thought I would just show you my outfit. This dress is from New Look I bought it about 2 years ago and it's a size 10.  Back then I was more of a 12-14 but as its stretchy I thought it looked ok.  Now 2 years on and after weightloss I am now an 8-10 and I think it looks a lot better now.  I love the fact that it's longer on me now and I look back now and wonder if maybe I was squeezing myself into dresses that were too small.  At the time I thought it would hide my lumps and bumps but when I look back it really didn't! 

I thought it would be too big for me and it is slightly baggy on the waist but I thought it was still ok to wear with a waist belt.

Dress - New Look

Bow Belt - Primark

Nude heels - Matalan

I adore the pattern on this dress it's so pretty and feminine.



Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer collective haul ♥

Hello everyone

Its finally starting to hot up in the UK which can only be a good thing seeing as we are in June now!  My gosh where has this year gone, its gone so fast.  In 4 weeks we are jetting off to Majorca for a week and I more or less have my holiday wardrobe sorted now.

I had a good clear out a few weeks back and sold quite a lot which makes room for more :)

To be honest I have a couple of further haul posts coming up as I have some bargains I bought in the recent sales and also I made a huge Forever 21 sale order which I shall also put into another separate post.  

Anyway these items have been bought over the past 4 its more of an all round collective haul! 

Firstly to my favourite item from New Look.

I purchased this Pink Lace Peplum top which is by the label Blue Vanilla.  I love this pretty top so much and its quite longline which I prefer. I think they still have it on the website but only in white. 

I also bought trousers......shock horror yes I bought TROUSERS!  I never buy trousers, that word does not exist in my clothing dictionary haha.  I saw these Double Zip Slim Leg Bengaline Trousers online and have heard people saying how fab they were so I thought why not and they were only £14.99

I just thought they would be nice for work with a peplum top or pretty blouse top and I must say I love the fit of these as they make your legs look mega skinny.  They are very nice very stretchy material.  

I also got this pretty floral belt in Primark for £1.50, I have not bought anything much in Primark lately I definitely think its lost its sparkle!

In H&M I have purchased a few things lately......

Crochet Drop Waist dress, I don't tend to suit drop waist dresses but this one is lovely and somehow does suit me.  Its very short so I will wear it on holiday with my bikini under in the daytime and I could also wear with skintight denim jeggings as its so cute. 

This cardigan happened to be on the changing room rail and I saw it and loved it.  Its like a taupey/pink colour and its so soft and looks lovely on.  Its actually from the children's section but it fits me so well I really love it.  This was only £9.99. 

H&M White & Navy Strip Dress, this is another dress I like from H&M.  They gave me £10 off it too as I made a complaint about their website so this only cost me £10.00.  Its like that thick stretchy material.  This is acually an XS but it looks massive. Its a different dress for me as its not fitted at the waist but it looks really nice on.  It is probably too thick for really hot days but this is an all rounder I can wear in winter too with thick tights.

I wanted a hat for my holiday as I don't like the sun on my head when abroad and when I saw this I thought it looked so cute with the pink bow.  

sideways on to show the bow :) 

Have you been shopping lately?

Take care



Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Charity Shop Floral Haul

Hiya everyone

Recently I started a new job and I am really enjoying it,  I think I have finally found a job I like!

I work on a busy high street so not in a city centre location like I used to and I must admit I thought I would miss working in town where I can pop into Primark or H&M every now and again,  however now I have the joy of working very close to at least 8 brilliant charity shops!   Many of my lunchtimes are now spent browsing the charity shops and I have managed to find some great items.  

I thought I would just show you my items I have bought over the past 2 months...and its mainly floral! 

Firstly the first item I found was this creamy/peachy floral dress from Glamorous with cut out sides.

Miso at Republic Black Floral Sun dress, this was £4.50 its really lovely in fact one of my favourite dresses.

Floozie at Debenhams playsuit - I used the stock photo as I had taken the photos of all my items except this one!  This was slightly more expensive at £6.00 but I can imagine it originally cost over £20.00 and its like new.

Primark cream floral shirred top, very boho and these sort of tops are coming back in this summer. This was £2.49

H&M summer top, this was in the sale rail for 99p.  I really love it as its ideal to wear with my shorts on holiday 

Primark tunic top, again another cheap top was only £2.50 but I love the way this looks on me. 

I love a good rummage in the charity shops :)