Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Two Fake Tan Reviews: L'Oreal Sublime Dark Tanning Gel & Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer


Sorry I did promise to do a couple of fake tan reviews a while back and I apologise for taking so long with this.

L'Oreal Sublime Dark Tanning Gel 

Firstly this retails at £12.99 in Boots. I used to love L'Oreal Sublime tan I used it all the time, it was fabulous! However they then decided to change the formula and I found it was not as good so stopped using this.  I mean why do they change things when they are good, like the saying goes 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'! 

Anyway I was seduced by the fact that this said 'dark' on the bottle and was expecting it to be really good.  As someone who is always tanned all year round I was expecting this to be dark...very dark...unfortunately its not! 

Its extremely sticky, it looks like syrup and when you apply it you really need to rub it in till you feel you have rubbed it in enough and then rub some more!  It takes ages to dry, I put it on about 8pm at night and I woke up around 1am and it still felt stickyl!  It smells very strong, so strong it put me off a lot! 

Maybe I expecting too much but as it was called 'dark' I was thinking I would wake up looking like I had been abroad for 2 weeks....I was a tad disappointed as it was not that dark.  A few days later I applied it again and I literally slathered loads on and this time I was a lot darker but it was also a bit patchy especially on my feet and hands.  Maybe I needed to apply it better! I do always put moisturiser on my feet, knees, elbows and hands as tan always seems to settle in those places but even with that it was patchy.

Overall I would not buy it again I think it was a waste of money and its not exactly a really cheap tan. 

Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer

This retails at £11.49 however it was on offer in Boots and I think I paid around £7.00 for it.  

This is like a dark brown thick consistency with like shimmery bits in.  I felt this was easier to apply as it was not sticky and as it has colour you could sort of see where you had put it.  It does not promise to be dark and in all fairness it wasn't, however at least I did not feel sticky all night.

Again I applied this about 8pm at night and woke the next morning imagining the two weeks in the sun tan, but yet again I was left disappointed..maybe I expected too much but to be honest it hardly gave me any colour!

I felt this was a waste of money plus again it was a bit patchy.

I would not purchase this again but I will say it was slightly better than the L'Oreal one.

So far the best tan I have ever used is Sienna X so from now on I am sticking to that one.  I tend to love my Sienna X spray tans too.  I recently purchased an item from the Sienna X range which I shall be doing a review on soon.  Also I still love my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs,  personally for me this is a foolproof!  




  1. AS a very pale person I've never had any luck with fake tans, even the really light ones look dreadful on me. I do keep meaning to try the Sally Hansen one though...

  2. The best one I've used is the Saint Tropez one, but I haven't tried a ton, maybe 3-4.

  3. I keep meaning to try out the Sally Hansen one so I'm glad to see you like it. I will definitely give it a go now :-)


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