Sunday, 12 April 2015

Life update....and a couple of 5 Pound dresses!

Hiya everyone

I have been such a bad blogger of late, 'smack hand', I still have my fake tan reviews to do and I also have a bedroom update.  I also made a sneaky online order at Asos and Missguided this weekend...oops! :)

I have a few things to look forward to as Mike and I are going to Cardiff next Saturday we are going to go shopping and maybe a bit of sightseeing.  I really love Cardiff for shopping.

In May we are going away for a long weekend to Torquay and last weekend we finally booked a holiday!  We are off to Majorca in July so we are both looking forward to that.

Around this time last year as many of you will know I was poorly for quite a long time and that;s how I started my weightloss.  Since that time I have cut out gluten from my diet and also cut out junk food and in the process in the space of a year have lost around 2 and a half stone.  Since my last post I have lost another 2lb.

I am now easily getting into size 8-10's and am a lot happier.

Anyway I have mentioned Everything 5 Pounds in a previous post but I like this online site.  They do have some things that are maybe a tad cheap looking but also they have some really nice items and all at just £5.00.

I made a little order the other week for 2 dresses I thought would be ideal for work and at just a fiver each what more can you ask for!

I ordered this Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress, when it arrived it had a Peacocks tag on and was originally £18.00! It is fabulous quality its stretchy thick material like 'ponte' material and its a nice ideal length for work.

and this Ruffled Hem Shift Dress,  this has no tag on but the label said 'Limited' it looked like a Wallis dress!  Again another fab dress for a fiver! 

Anyway many apologies for my lack of posting and lack of reviews that I promised, I will do these very soon.  I will also show you my online orders.   :)  Plus I am thinking of holding a giveaway very soon...I just need to get back into 'the blogging'!

Take care



  1. Wow 2 stone and half that's great! I gained almost 1lbs this week :(

  2. I'm off to Cardiff shopping soon too, it's such a great city and a refreshing change from Cabot Circus! x

  3. Wow congrats on your fab weightloss. I`m doing Slimming World now and want to shift a good bit for the summer so I can buy pretty dresses. x

  4. I like both dress choices, esp a PP collar!!! You've done v well with your weight loss x

  5. Well done on the weight loss Lisa, you have done really well, the healthy way too!!

    Those dresses are cute xx

  6. I have been a really bad blogger rescently too, but I am hoping to improve thanks to some new found inspiration. I love the dress with the fluted hem, it's so nice! You will look beautiful in it.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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