Monday, 20 April 2015

♥ ASOS & Misguided Online Orders ♥

Hiya everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend. :) 

I had such a lovely weekend as the hubby and I went to Cardiff.  It was a beautiful day and I love Cardiff,  especially for shopping.  There are literally loads of shops, but what I like is that its not so busy that you cannot walk anywhere like London.

I noticed there was at least 2 H&M's, 2 New Looks and they have a new Primark which I think opened last year so I was in shopping heaven!  I also love Zara in Cardiff however was disappointed as there was nothing that really stood out for me in there! 

I bought a few things which I shall put into another post as firstly I wanted to show you my little online orders I made recently with ASOS and Missguided.

Firstly to Missguided where I ordered this pretty little dress.   I don't generally order much from Missguided but I have had my eye on this dress for ages.  Now we are going to Majorca I feel its ideal for going out in the evening with wedges. I notice it looks so short on the model but luckily as I am so short its ok on me. 

I just adore the pretty pattern I feel so girly in this.  I am so glad I ordered it when I did as its now sold out. 

Then on the Asos website I noticed this rather lovely bikini in the sale.

  They only had size 8's left in the bottoms which fit really well. What I really like about this bikini is they do bra cup sizes and they go up to a G I think!  The top was £6.50 and the bottoms £4.50 which I think is a bargain for such a lovely good quality bikini.   Another thing I love about this bikini is you can wear it quite cleavage busting like the model has it or if you don't do it up so tight it actually makes your boobs appear a bit smaller and more covered so I think I will wear it like that instead, plus its very supportive for larger chests! 
Because of my weightloss all my bikinis are way too big apart from one I got in the New Look sale not long ago.  So I have a couple of pretty bikinis for my holiday now :

I also ordered these little sandals....I love the fact they are Apricot colour as I love that peachy/apricot colour that seems to be really in now.

and I ordered these little pointed nude pumps.  I really like these however I was worried they may make my feet look massive.  To be honest they are a tad too big I think I could have got the 3 but they are really nice and look quite classy.  I much prefer pointed pumps I think they make your legs look longer and are just more elegant.

So what do you think of my haul?  Have you been making any online orders lately?



  1. I have a post planned for what I've bought recently, done the photos and written a bit of the text but not published yet, I must do, you've inspired me!
    I think that Bikini is really sweet. I had a bikini a bit like that from Riverisland as a teen and unlike you (from your description!) , I had a titchy chest and it made mine look much better than it really was! x

  2. Lovely buys Lisa, love everything!!! xx

  3. Oh I miss Primark! Lovely floral buys, I like the sandals as well!

  4. The only thing I've ordered lately is some trainers! I love the floral missguided dress and those nude pumps x

  5. I love both pairs of shoes you bought, I have been looking for something similar. I haven't done an online shop in ages, it must be time!

    Christie x

  6. I love the apricot sandals, so understated and lovely


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