Saturday, 14 February 2015

Outfit post - Cami Dress!

Hiya everyone

I just thought I would do a quick outfit post

Its Saturday again, oh how I love the weekends.  I like to treat myself at the weekend as I think well I work hard all week so why not!  Mike and I went out for lunch to Pizza Hut today yummy

I decided as today was not so cold I thought I would do away with wearing tights/boots so decided to wear ballet pumps and leggings instead with my faux leather jacket, instead of a heavy coat.
I love these heavy leggings from H&M they are so thick and feel really nice and comfy too.

Faux Leather Jacket - G21 at Asda
Ditsy Cami Dress - H&M
Pink Cardigan - New Look
Heavy Leggings _ H&M
Nude Ballet Pumps - Topshop
Pink handbag - Forelli 

  I also decided to take my pink Fiorelli ruffle bag.   I totally adore this bag it was a gorgeous birthday present from a friend a couple of years ago...she knows me so well! 

Please ignore the horrible green wallpaper in the background, this is one of our spare rooms that we have not got around to decorating yet.  We call it the 'junk room' but soon to be 'Lisa's Dressing Room'.  Its literally has 2 single beds in it and I keep the ironing board and all my shoes in it.  We are going to be decorating it this year and I want to make it into my own dressing room.   I saw this wallpaper at B&Q and was thinking I would like this as a feature wall and then the other walls cream.  I am going to be making it very shabby chic! 

Anyway have a lovely weekend



  1. Lovely look Lisa-Jane! I love the biker jacket! Can't wait till it's warm here so I can wear mine again!

  2. I love thick leggings too. I need to do a legging shop before spring, all mine seem to have holes in them now!

  3. You do look stylish!!! I always love your clothing choices. I look forward to seeing the dressing room! X

  4. I love that outfit Lisa, you look fab xx


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