Sunday, 11 January 2015

January sales

Hiya everyone and happy new year (sorry its a bit late! ) 

I just thought I would do a quick post to show you a couple of my January sales buys.

I did place an order with ASOS on Boxing Day but was extremely disappointed when it arrived and it all went back.

I did have some luck when I went shopping on the High Street though, in Office I bought these tan leather boots with a gift card I had they were £95 reduced to £45.00
I love these boots ♥

Then in Mango I purchased this little summer dress.   I know its not anywhere near summer yet but this was only £8.99 and I love the print.  I can imagine wearing this with nude wedges sporting a lovely tan :) 

In Topshop I purchased this little nude collar top for £8.00

I also ordered these shoes from Dorothy Perkins as I just love the scallop effect.  These are new in and not in the sale.

I am very disallusioned with shopping at the moment there seems to be hardly anything I have really loved for a while now, even my beloved Primark is useless at the moment.   In fact I have found Primark utterly rubbish for the past 3-4 months! 

I cannot wait for the shops to start getting their spring/summer clothes in now.

What are your thoughts on the High Street at the moment?



  1. Lovely boots! Its a shame when you order online and have to send clothes back as they aren`t good! I agree with your Primark comments. I tried a sweater on and it hung dreadfully and just looked awful. Primark hauls on YT are so popular at the moment and they always seem to have some good bits until you examine them closely.

  2. I love your new boots, they are just lovely! x

  3. Nice finds! I've been in Primark a few times- not bought much, just a checked dress and a bra or two- for me, it's all about the materials- I hate chiffon and synthetic stuff so that's why I avoid a lot of Primark but the checked dresses were a good bargain (and I got a Clara-esque skirt I will be wearing for TARDIS Tuesday at some point...) How are you anyway!?x

  4. Hi Lisa, glad to see you back blogging. That Mango dress is so pretty with the frills and those boots were a bargain, even better as you had a giftcard! This time is year is a bit rubbish for shopping, ends of sales and no new stock :/

  5. Can't wait until the weather is nice enough to wear dresses like that again!

  6. Love the boots! If you find shopping bad in the UK - you should try moving to Canada! Soooo much worse and most things are black!


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