Monday, 1 December 2014

Outfit Post: Casual Saturday & weightloss photos

Hi everyone

So sorry for the lack of posts but I have seriously lost my blogging mojo at the moment.  I really need to get back into it!

Well here we are in December, this year has just flown by.  

So what have I been up to lately...well I had my works xmas party last week which was really fab.  I wish it had been a bit nearer to christmas as it feels more festive then but it was a really good night.

Last Saturday I decided to have a major clear out.  I have lost more weight and am now easily into a size 10...can get an 8 in some things.  Trouble is once you start losing weight you want to lose more and more. 

I wore this outfit on Saturday...going back this time last year I was around 2 stone heavier and I would never have worn jeggings with a jumper like this as I would feel too conscious of rolls of fat....
I am a lot happier in myself now.

I love this cream jumper from H&M I also have it in red.  It has like a pointelle detail on the top and sleeved and a lace running along the top.

Cream Jumper - H&M

Blue Jeggings - New Look

Tan leather boots - Schuh

Just to show my weightloss this was me in July 2013....such a big difference!

I have been xmas shopping too and have got quite a few things now. 

 I have also bought a few things for me too, will show these in a seperate post. The trouble is I used to have about 6 winter coats and all of them are too big for me now, its annoying as I love them all!  Also all my jeans are too big now too. I bought a dress in Forever 21 and got a small, was pretty chuffed if I am honest as F21 is very small sizing. :)  

Next Saturday a friend and I are off to watch the local pantomine, Ashleigh and Pudsey from BGT are in it...ha ha!  Its nice to get into the xmas spirit :) 

Take care



  1. Wow congratulations on your weightloss. I always loved your style whatever your size, but you look fab in the jeggings and jumper.

  2. Lisa you look stunning but you always do! Don't shrink away for the sake of it x
    I miss your posts x

  3. You have lost so much!!!! Looking v good on it even though you looked good before. Shame about the coats! X

  4. How did you do it Lisa-Jane? That is extraordinary, I would dearly love to shift some pounds!

  5. Wow! Looking good Lisa-Jane! Keep up!

  6. Lisa you look fab, I am so pleased that you are happier with yourself now, but please don't lose too much xx

  7. I love the cream and WOW at your weight loss. GREAT, great job!! You must be so proud.


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