Friday, 7 November 2014

Clothing & homeware haul

Hello everyone

Just thought I would show you a few of my recent purchase.

Firstly I ordered these two dresses from New Look.....

The first one is a Pussycat dress...its really lovely.  Its like a stretchy knit style dress and I love the lovely white embroidery and white lace trim.  It does remind me of a sexy maid ha ha but I think its so cute and feminine!

This dress looks really short on the model but I loved the print and the style.  I was so glad I ordered it as its nowhere near as short on me (maybe because I am a shortie lol). The photo does not do it justice as it fits so nicely.

I loved the look of this skirt online but when I received it I was not 100%.  I love the colour and the style but I don't know it sort of lacks something.....I just don't know what!  I think I am returning this which is a shame as I really want a check mini skirt. 

Love this skirt.  I was not keen on houndstooth as it reminds me of old ladies but I actually think this is lovely and cannot imagine an old lady wearing it ha ha

Then when I was in Tesco a few days ago I saw this cushion and had to get it....its gorgeous and so soft and has a luxurious soft feeling.

This mirror was £2.99 in B&M Bargains....its really pretty.

Anyway hope you liked my haul :) 

Have a lovely weekend



  1. I love the tartan skirt, but if it is not for you, you shouldnt keep it as it will just sit in your wardrobe unworn. I love a bit of houndstooth too :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Shame about the check skirt. I like the other thingd and your pillow is sweet!!! By the way, you were spot on with your poodle! The next one is up! X

  3. I love the first two dresses. I actually really like e check mini skirt, maybe it needed a smaller check? I bet it is cute on though.

  4. I love the cushion! How cozy is the kitty?


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