Sunday, 28 September 2014

♥ Primark, H&M ,Select & Waterstones Haul ♥

Hiya everyone

Sorry I have not posted for a while its just been so hectic at work and then most evenings I am too tired to do anything!

I just thought I would show you all what I have been buying over the past few weeks. 


I love this cardigan, they also had it in black but I preferred the creamy colour

The colour and feel of this cardigan is so nice especially considering it was only £8.00.  The colour was called 'Rose' on the label and it has scalloped edging.  Its really pretty and very stretchy.  Love this.

Pretty earrings - I especially love the flower ones!

I bought this as I had an idea to wear it under a black pinafore dress for work, it was only £3.50.  I wore it to work like this the other day and it looked really nice. I also bought this in plain white, these tops are so nice and versatile. 


This dress is like a geo print lace dress, its white which I know is not ideal for winter but I love the fact this is a bit longer so just above the knee on me and I have this idea of wearing it with long tan boots. I have seen a few outfits like this and thought how nice it looked.   

This dress was only £5 because a button had come off but there was a spare button on it so I just sewed it on.  Its very pretty and can be worn in winter with chunky cardigan and boots.  You can tell its not very well made as the hem border part is a bit wonky but when its on it does not show so much. 


Navy blue textured skater dress, this is such nice quality and feels like a more heavier fabric which is ideal for winter.  I will definitely be wearing this one to work.  

Also not something I buy much is t-shirt/tops mainly because in the past I always thought they would show too much flab but since losing quite a lot of weight I have really gotten into t-shirt/tops and fitted jumpers.  In the past if I wore skinny jeans I would always wear longline tops and a cardigan to cover my bottom but since my bottom is a lot smaller now I have had the confidence to go out without a cardigan.  


I just had to pick up the latest in the Shopaholic series, I have the whole collection and so I purchased this one.  Cannot wait to read it :) 

What have you been buying lately?



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bath buys

Hiya everyone

While we were in Bath on Monday I did purchase a few little treats.  In Debenhams I purchased these rather cute Cat print Pj's.  These are so comfy, they were a lot more expensive than your average Primark PJ's but the quality and fit is so lovely...not to mention the cute cat print and I was sold!  I cannot wait for it to get colder so I can wear these, they look really nice on and feel all cosy and warm :) 

Whenever I go to Bath I like to pop into CK.  I wanted to get a shopper bag that I could use to take my lunch to work and for general bits & bobs.  I love this as you can fold it up and keep it in your handbag for when you need it.  I also love the bird and floral print.

In Primark I bought a pair of my trusty nude ballet pumps.  I wear these a lot and at only £4.00 they are great. 

What do you think of my buys?


Monday, 15 September 2014

A Day trip to Bath

Hello everyone

Mike and I have a few days off this week so today we got the train to Bath for a few hours.  It only takes 25 minutes from Bristol so its not far at all.

We did a bit of shopping, I did not spend loads but did get a couple of lovely things.  Will post about this another time!

Here are some photos:

Bath Abbey, such a beautiful building

The Guildhall

Cath Kidston shop :) 

Love the name of the shop so took a photo ha ha

These photos were taken down by the river

Bath Park

How gorgeous is this!

View from Graze Restaurant and Bar, we did not eat there we just had a drink.  We ate in Pizza Hut of all places...I love a bit of Pizza Hut though :) 

I wanted to get some photos of the Pump Rooms but there was like a million gazillion tourists outside so it was rather pointless.

Oh well it was such a lovely day and so nice to spend it together and not be in work :) 

I think tomorrow we are planning on going to watch The Inbetweeners 2 and maybe some lunch out again!!! 



Saturday, 13 September 2014

Outfit post - Ditsy Florals

Hiya everyone

Its the weekend again...yay and I have a few days off work next week....bigger YAY! 

I thought I would just do a quick outfit post

Floral Mini Dress  - H&M

Tan Belt - Primark

Suede boots - H&M

Today I helped out at a local jumble sale that my mother in law runs.  The bonus about helping out as you get first picks and I managed to grab quite a few bargains at 30p per item.  

I managed to get some Topshop skinny jeans for 30p! I also managed to get a Mango knitted dress which was brand new with tags, a few other dresses, skirts and tops.  Anyway I will blog about these purchases in a separate post.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Monday, 8 September 2014

NOTD - Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days - Nude Rose

Hello everyone

On Saturday we were in Morrisons doing some shopping and I noticed Maybelline had £1.00 off their nail polishes.  I saw the Nude Rose and thought how pretty it looked.

I am so glad I purchased this as I adore the colour, its definitely one to add to my favourites collection!  This was with 2 coats.

The thing I found different with this polish is the brush is so thick, its actually a bit too thick for smaller nails but it does give a lovely coverage and glides on very nicely.

Have you tried the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day polish?

I wonder if it actually lasts 7 days! 


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Just horsing around!

Hiya everyone

I was given a very nice gift last week from Mike's neice.  She started University last year and went travelling earlier this year to China, her boyfriend is Chinese so she stayed with his parents and also with friends.  She came back last week and had a massive clear out and gave me this River Island Horse Print bag...actually I think its more of a Unicorn than horse but oh well...I love it!

I first saw this bag in her room a couple of years ago and I used to always say how nice it was.  She is only 20 so a lot younger than me but we have always got on well.  I have known her since she was 2 years old as that was when Mike and I met.  We used to go shopping together and always had a laugh. 

I do love this bag and its such a nice gesture.

I really miss her not living closer but she has to move on with her life and she is really enjoying University.

I am a sucker for prints whether its cats, foxes, hearts, bows or butterflies and now horses...I love them all!