Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bowtastic! My new Oasis dress :)

Hiya everyone

Yesterday I purchased this gorgeous dress in Oasis.  I love this dress so much, its navy blue with a mustard bow print all over.  I love the way it fits like a shift dress but then kicks out at the bottom.  

In the photo I paired it with my black bow waist belt but I am thinking a cute mustard/tan belt would look better.

This dress was £45.00 which is more expensive for me but as you know with Oasis the quality is lovely and its just so different, a real stand out dress.  Mike said it looked so nice on me. 

I managed to get a size 10 too....but to be honest I could have got an 8 on the bottom half as its slightly baggy at the waist its just I needed a 10 for my chest!  

I think will be fab for winter with opaques and boots too.

We did a bit more shopping and I bought another dress in M&S of all places.  M&S have actually got some quite trendy things in now.  Will post about that another time as I need to take photos and I also bought a cardi and jumper in H&M. Afterwards Mike treated me to lunch in Pizza Hut (a little treat) and they do Gluten Free pizza now! yummy.  As I cannot eat as much as I did before I ended up having to take some home, still it was nice to eat cold pizza for tea. 

Bow Java Shift Dress

The weightloss has been going well, I weighed myself yesterday and I am losing roughly a 1lb a week.  I am now a size 10 and happier with my body than I have been in a long time.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend



  1. Love this dress Lisa, looks really pretty on you :). Well done on the weight loss too, you're looking fab xx

  2. You look amazing Lisa, congrats on your amazing weight loss. This is such a gorgeous dress x

  3. Very nice dress Lisa-Jane! You are looking fabulous!x

  4. You are looking so fabulous Lisa, you should be so proud of yourself for how amazing you have done! I love that dress, it is absolutely adorable!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Gorgeous dress! Where are the ankle boots from???x


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