Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weightloss Wednesday


We are having such gorgeous weather at the moment and we are off to Devon on looking forward to a holiday.  I just hope the weather lasts! 

This time last year we were in Zante and I was looking back over old photos and could not believe how much weight I have lost since then.

This photo was taken in Zante last July, oh my god look how hideous my arms were! When I saw this photo I was so upset and vowed never to show anyone.  You can see  my legs were really threy always are but thats about it!  I cut my face out as I had a small double chin which I hated too.

This is the dress now.

Now admittedly I was not standing at a good angle in the 1st photo but still you can see a very big difference.  My stomach is nowhere near as huge as it looks in that photo now and my arms are a lot slimmer too. Plus my small double chin has gone.  My bust has gone from a 36H to a 32F...still got the boobies lol but I am feeling so much better.

I used to have awful back fat which was the one thing I absolutely detested but now I have hardly any.  My bottom is a lot smaller too.  I am not saying I am skinny and I don't ever think I will be a size 8 but I am really happy how I am now.

I am never going back to the size 14 that I was, I am not saying a size 14 is massive but for me I felt very uncomfortable.

My diet has changed so much I don't eat much chocolate now, no cake or normal bread.  I eat GF bread and GF biscuits but I only have one a day where I used to have about 5 plus I used to snack on chocolate.  I can eat Pombears as they are GF and I love these I mean where have they been all my life, plus they are low in calories and fat.

Anyway what do you think of my new sandals in the last two photos courtesy of Primark?  They were only £8.00 and they are my summer favourites.  I love them so much as they go with everything plus I love nude shoes as they go so well with a tan. 

Take Care



  1. Looking v good. also,I wondered why you never show your face In blog shots? X

  2. What a difference! It's so good to loose weight! I lost about 14 pounds 2 years ago, but now I'm back to that dreaded weight :( What size are you now, if it's not too indiscreet? Love the sandales!

  3. Pom bears are the best little snack! x

  4. You're looking really great Lisa and I'm so glad you're more comfortable in your own skin.
    You need to treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe - the sandals are a good start :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. You look fab Lisa, really healthy. I am cutting down on snacking at the moment(though I did have a massive bit of cake at the weekend) and feel mypuch better for it, I've upped my water intake too, Cute sandals too x

  6. I had no idea that Pom Bears are practically a health food hehe!
    Looking good Lisa x

  7. Looking fab hun. I know what you mean, my weight has changed so much over the past two year of being ill and I now have a huge tummy, which considering I don't eat masses is soooo annoying. I have gone up two dress sizes and even though I know it will go back down eventually I still get upset over it.

    X x

  8. You look fab hun! Pom Bears are amazing. Dx


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