Tuesday, 29 July 2014

In the Sales - Debenhams

Hiya everyone

Sorry I have not blogged much lately I have been a very bad blogger!

I think I am finding it hard to find inspiration at the moment . I want to do some outfit posts but I just forget to take photos I really need to get some inspiration!!

Anyway lets talk summer sales.....to be honest I am pretty bored of them now.  I hate this time of year for shopping as this mid season thing is just annoying as all that seems to be in the shops right now are sales clothing that no one wants!  

Whilst I was in Torquay (which seems like yonks ago now) I bought a couple of dresses in the sales.

I bought both these dresses in Debenhams.

First one is the Voulez Vous Swing Lace Dress, Dororthy Perkins are selling this for £28 and I got it for £12.00 in the Debenhams sale.  I really love this dress I managed to get a size 10 too but I love the shape on me as it fits on the waist and then flares out. I am a massive fan of navy blue too!  This is a really pretty dress I don't think the photos do it justice really.  

I also bought this Pussycat dress which was £15 in the sale.  Asos are selling this at the moment for £17.50.

Take care




  1. Both dresses are pretty! I love navy lace! :)

  2. Nice choices!!!!! I really like them both. X

  3. Lovely dresses Lisa, I especially love the Navy blue lace number - be perfect for all year round wear, I can imagine it in winter with a polo neck over the top and cute pixie boots :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I love the blue dress, navy blue is a great colour for us brunettes!
    I'm bored of the sales too, I don't know why they have to start mid season, if they didn't buy so much extra stock they wouldn't need to start so soon. The annoying thing is that I wanted a new bikini and I couldn't find a single one I liked in my local town - it's July for goodness sake, it really shouldn't be a problem!

  5. I love that navy dress, it will be gorgeous for autumn x


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