Friday, 6 June 2014

Saturday shopping bits

Hiya everyone

A couple of Saturdays ago Mike and I went into town, its a hard job getting Mike into town as I have probably said before he hates shopping but I always bribe him with lunch at one of our favourite little restaurants.

He absolutely hates Primark but he will suffer it for me (not very often but every now and again) anyway I popped into Primark and to be honest thought it was pretty rubbish! There was hardly anything I liked and I was really disappointed as I felt a Primark haul coming on but it was not meant to be!  In the end I did buy some rather pretty underwear though.  The white bra was only £7.00 and its so lovely its a really nice fit and the navy floral set was only a fiver!! Bargain or what!  I find it a bit weird showing of my undies on here but the blue set is just so pretty I just had to. 

We also popped into Wilko and I purchased this Campervan tea cosy....I love this I think its so cute.  This was a fiver which I thought was pretty good for something so cute and we needed a tea cosy! ha ha

We did go in quite a few other shops like House of Fraser but there was nothing I liked.

We had lunch at this little independent italian restaurant in town.  The owner is so nice and they even do gluten free pasta and pizza.  I had a gorgeous gluten free pasta dish which had tomato, onion, courgette, and a hint of was delicious.

The owner persuaded us to try an italian desert called was amazing. It was like ice cream but 100 times better.
He did say in future if we call a few days before coming he will make me a special gluten free cheesecake which I thought was so sweet of him, I think we will be going back very soon :) 

Afterwards we popped to Asda and I purchased these pretty hair slides...I love the colours as most of my hair slides are either pale pink or cream so it was nice to have some other colours.

Well at least its Friday, so have a lovely weekend everyone



  1. I don't blame Mike for hating shopping at Primark! When there was just the Oxford St one in central London it was just plain crazy to shop there! Tea cosys are such funny things, so British!

  2. the hair slides are very pretty. I know what you mean about men and shopping; Chris wont go in Primark either :) x

  3. Sounds like you had a nice day out. How are you feeling now lovely? X

  4. Love the floral set. I'm due some new underwear, one of the things I always forget

  5. Primark us always hit and miss I find. Wilkos camper range is fab. I love all of it.

    X x

  6. CBC hates Primark! BUT, he's terrible with shopping- he takes SO much longer than I!
    I have a bra set similar to that from Primark x


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