Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My weekend in Bournemouth

Hiya everyone

Last weekend a friend and I went to Bournemouth.  The weather was stunning and we had an amazing time.

We got to Bournemouth at around 12pm on Saturday, its about a 2 hour drive from where we live but the traffic getting into Bourmemouth was horrendous.

We stayed at the Park Central Hotel, we could not have picked a better hotel it cost us around £60 each for B&B which I thought was pretty good as it was a lovely hotel and the location was perfect...just across the road from the beach.

When we got there we were really hungry,  we dumped our bags in our room and headed out to the beach where we went to a little beach bar for lunch.  It was packed, the beach was literally so crowded but Bournemouth is really beautiful and the beach is stunning so I can see why so many people flock there.  We wandered through the main park which is lovely.  

The park had a bandstand with a band playing and its so beautiful with pretty flowers and waterfalls...and a crazy golf.  

I don't know why these photos are misty!!

  They had the food festival on so the streets were packed and it smelt divine. There were stalls cooking Paella, Pizza and my most favourite was this cake stall...of course I could not buy anything as there was not anything that was GF but the look of these chocolate tarts were amazing.

We had a wander in the shops, mainly New Look, H&M, Zara and Primark.  My friend bought some shoes in New Look and we both bought a few items in H&M and Primark (post coming soon!).  

We decided then to wander back to the beach as it was too hot to look around shops and we did not want to waste our time shopping too much.

Later in the day we went back to the hotel to change and get ready as we had tickets to see the Thriller Live musical/show at the Pavillion Theatre.  Before we went to the show we went to Zizzi for something to eat.  The food was lovely but unfortunately the service was not great, however it was Saturday night and quite busy. 

The show was amazing, the dancing was fabulous and some of the singers sounded like MJ himself.  The most annoying thing was the man sat behind us kept shouting out and being annoying...too much to drink I think! After the show we went for a few drinks and then headed back to the hotel.  

On Sunday we had a rather lovely breakfast at the hotel and headed out for a few hours. We went on the Bournemouth land train that takes you along the beach and then strolled back.  We then went to the Park again as we were going to play crazy golf but the queue was massive so we did not bother we just decided to relax and chill for a bit in the sunshine before it was time to drive back.

It was such a lovely weekend and I think we will definitely go back. By the way I am sorry I have not caught up on your blogs yet but will do very soon :) 

How was your weekend?




  1. It seems lovely, a little bit like hton but with a sandy beach, which is better! Sad for the crowd though...

  2. I haven't been to Bournemouth since my best friend was at uni there- I miss it! x

  3. I visited Bournemouth for the first time this weekend. I very much enjoyed the food festival *yum*.

  4. I love Bournemouth. My brother has a home there which used to be great for a spontaneous weekend away. Unfortunately its rented out now and I don't think his tenants would be too trilled if we just piped up!

    The beach is lovely to just relax on, that is if you can find a space.

    X x

  5. I love Bournemouth, such a nice place to spend a weekend and you got fab weather too. X

  6. Great pictures, glad you had such a nice time! x


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