Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mini Primark haul


Last Saturday morning Mike had to work for a few hours so I decided to have a little pop into Primark for a couple of hours.  I work in town but on a lunch time I don't have enough time to properly look and its so busy with the queues and all that.  I got into Primark around 9ish and it was empty so it was such a fab time to browse.  The Primark in Bristol has 4 floors and its huge I think its the second biggest Primark in the UK!
I spent a good bit of time in there but was not really impressed with what they had.  I remember a time I would go into Primark and come out with loads of stuff but it was bit sort of rubbish really! 

However I did purchase a few little things I loved

Firstly this little floral skirt was only £6!  Now usually these skirts don't suit me I don't know why they just don't but since losing weight this really fitted me well and actually looks lovely on.

Then I got this pretty belt, I have quite a few dresses that this will look so lovely with.

This shopper bag which was £1.50, ideal for work to carry my lunch etc

and this eyeshadow brush was a £1.00 and its really nice it has a brush at both ends.

I also bought some more underwear.

Oh well the weekend is nearly here and its been so hot.  I must try and do some outfit posts very soon and I have a massive Dorothy Perkins haul which I must get around to doing but I have not had time to take photos!

A week on Saturday I am going to Bournemouth with a friend for the weekend and we have now got tickets to see Thriller looking forward to it.



  1. I love the flower belt. I think it would look nice with the cream lace dresses, I think you got! I miss Primark!

  2. Early on a Saturday is the only time I can face Primark on the weekends! x

  3. That belt is lovely Lisa, it'll go with loads of your dresses x

  4. I go to Primark on a Wednesday evening at about 6- also quiet then! Nice items x

  5. I'm loving the floral skirt, bet it looks fab on. You obviously chose the best time to go in.

    X x

  6. Love the shopper bag, I can't think how long it's been since I went to Primark.

  7. I love that skirt, so pretty and would look lovely with tan ankle boots.
    You should visit the new Primark in Cardiff, five floors of amazingness! X

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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