Friday, 27 June 2014

In the sales - Select


Last week I had a day off work as I had an apppintment in town so while I was there I thought I would have a little mooch in the sales.

I popped into Select as sometimes they have some really pretty dresses and you can pick up the odd gem in the sale. I was so happy I went in there as I picked up two dresses on the sale rail that I adore.

I found this dress in black and cream and I love them so much I bought both. They were both reduced to £10 (orignally £15) so not a massive saving but I really love the dress and it really suits me.

I love the design, the floral print and the peter pan collar.  I feel the photos don't do this dress justice as its really stunning! 

Personally the cream is my favourite but probably as I love lighter colours!  Which one is your favourite?

Have a lovely weekend


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My weekend in Bournemouth

Hiya everyone

Last weekend a friend and I went to Bournemouth.  The weather was stunning and we had an amazing time.

We got to Bournemouth at around 12pm on Saturday, its about a 2 hour drive from where we live but the traffic getting into Bourmemouth was horrendous.

We stayed at the Park Central Hotel, we could not have picked a better hotel it cost us around £60 each for B&B which I thought was pretty good as it was a lovely hotel and the location was perfect...just across the road from the beach.

When we got there we were really hungry,  we dumped our bags in our room and headed out to the beach where we went to a little beach bar for lunch.  It was packed, the beach was literally so crowded but Bournemouth is really beautiful and the beach is stunning so I can see why so many people flock there.  We wandered through the main park which is lovely.  

The park had a bandstand with a band playing and its so beautiful with pretty flowers and waterfalls...and a crazy golf.  

I don't know why these photos are misty!!

  They had the food festival on so the streets were packed and it smelt divine. There were stalls cooking Paella, Pizza and my most favourite was this cake stall...of course I could not buy anything as there was not anything that was GF but the look of these chocolate tarts were amazing.

We had a wander in the shops, mainly New Look, H&M, Zara and Primark.  My friend bought some shoes in New Look and we both bought a few items in H&M and Primark (post coming soon!).  

We decided then to wander back to the beach as it was too hot to look around shops and we did not want to waste our time shopping too much.

Later in the day we went back to the hotel to change and get ready as we had tickets to see the Thriller Live musical/show at the Pavillion Theatre.  Before we went to the show we went to Zizzi for something to eat.  The food was lovely but unfortunately the service was not great, however it was Saturday night and quite busy. 

The show was amazing, the dancing was fabulous and some of the singers sounded like MJ himself.  The most annoying thing was the man sat behind us kept shouting out and being annoying...too much to drink I think! After the show we went for a few drinks and then headed back to the hotel.  

On Sunday we had a rather lovely breakfast at the hotel and headed out for a few hours. We went on the Bournemouth land train that takes you along the beach and then strolled back.  We then went to the Park again as we were going to play crazy golf but the queue was massive so we did not bother we just decided to relax and chill for a bit in the sunshine before it was time to drive back.

It was such a lovely weekend and I think we will definitely go back. By the way I am sorry I have not caught up on your blogs yet but will do very soon :) 

How was your weekend?



Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dorothy Perkins Haulage :)

Hello everyone

A few posts back I was moaning about Dorothy Perkins saying how they seemed to have gone a bit frumpy lately, however I take that all back as recently they have had some lovely items online.

They had 30% off the other week so I ordered the following items which I really wanted.

Cherry Print Skater Dress

This dress is a little stunner!  I absolutely love everything about it. I love the combo of navy and red,  I love the cherry design, I love the style its very flattering and I love the neckline.  Such a gorgeous dress.

Ditsy Floral Cami Dress

This dress is also gorgeous. DP have been selling many of these dress in various colours and patterns but by far this is the best one. Its black with a pretty pale pink flowers. Its a nice length it.

Blush Compartment Tote Bag

I was not sure about this online but so glad I ordered it as its gorgeous. It looks so ladylike and classy.  I love this bag it goes with all my summer clothes.

Then out of the blue last week I received these two dresses in the mail!  I opened the parcel and realised my sister had bought them for me as a treat.  I have such a lovely sister! 

Red Bow Sweetheart Dress

Blue Bird Collared Dress

I wondered why she was asking my what dresses I really liked at the moment! 

I love them both but the bird one is stunning! 


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mini Primark haul


Last Saturday morning Mike had to work for a few hours so I decided to have a little pop into Primark for a couple of hours.  I work in town but on a lunch time I don't have enough time to properly look and its so busy with the queues and all that.  I got into Primark around 9ish and it was empty so it was such a fab time to browse.  The Primark in Bristol has 4 floors and its huge I think its the second biggest Primark in the UK!
I spent a good bit of time in there but was not really impressed with what they had.  I remember a time I would go into Primark and come out with loads of stuff but it was bit sort of rubbish really! 

However I did purchase a few little things I loved

Firstly this little floral skirt was only £6!  Now usually these skirts don't suit me I don't know why they just don't but since losing weight this really fitted me well and actually looks lovely on.

Then I got this pretty belt, I have quite a few dresses that this will look so lovely with.

This shopper bag which was £1.50, ideal for work to carry my lunch etc

and this eyeshadow brush was a £1.00 and its really nice it has a brush at both ends.

I also bought some more underwear.

Oh well the weekend is nearly here and its been so hot.  I must try and do some outfit posts very soon and I have a massive Dorothy Perkins haul which I must get around to doing but I have not had time to take photos!

A week on Saturday I am going to Bournemouth with a friend for the weekend and we have now got tickets to see Thriller looking forward to it.


Monday, 9 June 2014

The Girl with the Pretty Earrings


A couple of weeks ago when I was ill I needed cheering up and was browsing Forever 21 as I wanted some leggings.  F21 leggings are only £3.00 and really nice quality.  As I was ordering them and I had a free delivery code (long story but I had a problem with a previous order so they gave me that as a token) anyway I noticed these earrings and decided to order them,  

I think Forever 21 do sell some gorgeous jewellery as well as lovely dresses :) 

I bought these 3 pairs....

the first pair are stunning and so pretty

I love these, they have some in cream or peach but I wanted the cream as I don't have many cream earrings and they really stand out with dark hair

these are just so pretty

I also ordered a basic cream cardigan and of course the leggings

I have a Dorothy Perkins order coming up soon and its 'dress' heavy...ha ha

Take care


Friday, 6 June 2014

Saturday shopping bits

Hiya everyone

A couple of Saturdays ago Mike and I went into town, its a hard job getting Mike into town as I have probably said before he hates shopping but I always bribe him with lunch at one of our favourite little restaurants.

He absolutely hates Primark but he will suffer it for me (not very often but every now and again) anyway I popped into Primark and to be honest thought it was pretty rubbish! There was hardly anything I liked and I was really disappointed as I felt a Primark haul coming on but it was not meant to be!  In the end I did buy some rather pretty underwear though.  The white bra was only £7.00 and its so lovely its a really nice fit and the navy floral set was only a fiver!! Bargain or what!  I find it a bit weird showing of my undies on here but the blue set is just so pretty I just had to. 

We also popped into Wilko and I purchased this Campervan tea cosy....I love this I think its so cute.  This was a fiver which I thought was pretty good for something so cute and we needed a tea cosy! ha ha

We did go in quite a few other shops like House of Fraser but there was nothing I liked.

We had lunch at this little independent italian restaurant in town.  The owner is so nice and they even do gluten free pasta and pizza.  I had a gorgeous gluten free pasta dish which had tomato, onion, courgette, and a hint of was delicious.

The owner persuaded us to try an italian desert called was amazing. It was like ice cream but 100 times better.
He did say in future if we call a few days before coming he will make me a special gluten free cheesecake which I thought was so sweet of him, I think we will be going back very soon :) 

Afterwards we popped to Asda and I purchased these pretty hair slides...I love the colours as most of my hair slides are either pale pink or cream so it was nice to have some other colours.

Well at least its Friday, so have a lovely weekend everyone


Monday, 2 June 2014

NOTD - Rimmell 60 Second 'Lose your Lingerie'

Hello everyone

Firstly I want to say a big thankyou for all your lovely comments on my weightloss.  Its nice that so many of you thought I looked nice before as well as after...your so kind.  I think I just feel better about myself with the weightloss as I feel healthier and trimmer which I suppose has had a positive affect on me!

I have a backlog of posts to do as I have a few new items and I have made a couple of online orders. I shall get around to doing these very soon :) 

On Saturday Mike and I went out for a few hours and on the way back we popped into Asda.  I like having a mooch around the clothing, homeware and beauty aisles.   Asda do some gorgeous homeware items and they are so inexpensive, I did not buy anything home or clothing related though!

I wanted a new nail varnish and I picked up the Rimmell 60 Second 'Lose your Lingerie' Rita Ora nail polish, its easily one of my most favourite nail polishes.

I like the fact that its such a pretty feminine colour, its matt and its so clean looking.

This is with two coats...excuse some on my hands! 

Have your tried any of the Rimmell 60 Second varnishes?  Whats your thoughts?