Saturday, 31 May 2014

Weightloss photos!


I don't want to be one of those bloggers that go on and on about weightloss as I really believe that you can look amazing and pretty at any age and any size!  However I wanted to do a post to show how much weight I have lost since I have changed my diet.
I cannot deny although I have been ill I am glad for the weightloss as I am feeling much better.

I decided to cut out gluten from my diet and I am feeling a lot better.  I honestly feel that gluten/wheat was affecting my stomach and making me sick. I feel a lot healthier since I ditched it.  I also have cut down on eating chocolate and biscuits like I used to as if I eat too much fatty foods now I get a bad stomach ache and terrible indigestion!  Its weird as I used to have such a strong stomach and could literally eat a lot before feeling ill!  I have not had a takeaway for what seems like ages, and we have eaten out but I have chosen gluten free options.  Mike and I went to Bella Italia last weekend and they do gluten free pasta and its low calorie, it tasted just as nice as the normal pasta dishes. 

This was me before the weightloss this photo was taken in November 2013.  When this photo was taken I actually felt I looked nice in this dress,  I felt it was flattering.

This is me in the same dress taken on Thursday.  Its funny but I don't feel the dress is as flattering now I have lost weight I think I need a size smaller.

You can see the dress is baggy on the hips and waist where the belt is holding it in.  Also it used to be skintight on my arms, so skintight my arms felt uncomfortable if I am honest!  I  measured my arms and I have lost about 2 inches from each arm.
I have lost 3 inches from my waist and hips.  Another thing I love is I notice I have very intense 'hip dips' and my chest is still big but not as big as it was.  I actually bought a couple of cheap Primark bras the other day as they are gorgeousand cheap and they actually fit.   I found in the past Primark bras (even the bigger sizes) did not fit me that well! 

My stomach is tiny now up to what it used to be and I am actually looking forward to wearing a bikini on holiday for the first time in ages.

I am not saying I have the perfect figure but I am feeling much better about myself and inside 'healthwise' I am feeling lot better too.

I think I do actually need some new clothes as my old size 14 dresses are way too big now.  I am now more of a 10-12 depending on the shop/fit.  I am worried about putting the weight back on so I will be constantly watching what I eat but that's no bad thing!  

Now I just need to take up some exercise and maybe I will feel even better.

Have a lovely weekend


Friday, 23 May 2014

May Wishlist :)

Hello everyone

Well just to give you an update my blood tests have come back normal which is great but on the downside I am still not right.  Therefore the doctor has advised I need to have further examinations, not looking forward to that! I feel I have IBS as I tested negative for Coeliac disease but as a trial I have been cutting out gluten for the last couple of days and its definitely improved my symptons.  I am wondering if I have a slight wheat intolerance, so I am going to keep gluten free for a while and then gradually reintroduce a small amount of wheat to see what happens. 

Anyway I have a few items that I have my eye on at the moment and am so tempted to order them all...eek!

Woven Skater Dress by Love at Topshop

Cherry Print Sweetheart Dress - Dorothy Perkins

Apricot Soft Tote Bag - Dorothy Perkins

ASOS Skater Dress in Textured Bird Print

Are you doing the 'basket dance' with anything at the moment?

By the way do you like my new blog background and colour I thought it was rather pretty.

Have a lovely weekend and I will let you know if I purchase any of the above....I think I will after all I do need something to cheer me up....that's my excuse anyway ha ha


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Haul...H&M, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Asda

Hiya everyone

I am afraid to say I am still not well, yesterday was the worse I have felt and I ended up spending the day in bed throwing up...lovely!  I have had some blood tests so I am just awaiting the results.

A couple of weekends back when I was feeling slightly better Mike and I went shopping.  Mike hates clothes shopping but I think he came along for me really as I had not been well, we always make a nice day of it and have lunch too.

I just thought I would show you my buys:

In H&M I purchased these nude suede boots,  I love these little boots so much I have worn them a few times to work with bare legs and dresses and I think they are super cute.

Mint Skater Dress, this was only £7.99 and its really nice.  The material is really thick and stretchy and is really nice quality for the price.   I am loving H&M at the moment.

Plain white vest top, H&M vests are the best.

In Topshop I bought these nude pumps which are £16.00.  I love these shoes I have bought them before as I love the way they look, they are comfy and go with everything.  Last year I bought a similar looking pair in New Look which were only £7.99 but they were not a patch on the Topshop ones.   I found the New Look ones to be as not nice material and did not last me as long.   I just love how the Topshop ones look on my feet and feel its worth the extra money.  

I then popped into Dorothy Perkins, I think DP is a bit hit and miss as they do have some lovely items now and again, for instance I love their jeggings but also they do tend to bring out the same items just in a different patterns/colours every single year.  I think sometimes DP is such a boring shop and a tad old fashioned.
However, I saw this gorgeous floral cami dress online and wanted to see what it was like in reality.  I have to say I love this dress its really stretchy and the pattern is lovely.   Its very flattering and ideal for summer.  I wonder if DP are having problems though as I notice they always have discounts online I mean every week they have a new discount!!!

Also in Asda I bought this pretty photo frame which was half price down to £3.50,

Well in just over 4 weeks my friend and I are going to Bournemouth for the weekend and then 2 weeks after that Mike and I are off on our holidays.  We are only going to Devon this be honest I am really glad we are not going abroad as I have been unwell and would not have looked forward to it so much.
So looking forward to our week in Devon though I hope the weather is nice.


Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hiya everyone 

Sorry for such a long time between posts but I am still not well.  I have to have blood tests on Tuesday so hopefully may know more by the end of the week.

I thought I would just do a quick post to say 'hi'. :) 

On Saturday Mike and I were meant to be going to Cheddar which is a gorgeous little village in Somerset which is famous for Cheddar Gorge.  I got a good deal with Amazon Local for afternoon tea in these lovely little tea rooms in Cheddar.  However on Saturday morning I woke up feeling really bad in fact worse than ever!  I got ready and as we got on the motorway I said to Mike lets just go to Portishead for a few hours instead as its a lot closer and I just wanted some fresh air.  I must admit I felt so ill and could not stand a further hour in a car. There is not a lot at Portishead but I really like it there, Mike and I used to go there a lot when we first met so it holds many good memories.  It does have a lake where you can feed the ducks, a little childrens park and I think it has a new Lido.  

Here are a few photos I took of Portishead, as we were sat looking out to sea this massive car transporter passed!

  I did not feel like doing much at all so we only stayed for a couple of hours.  Its a shame as I was really looking forward to afternoon tea but I my don't think my stomach would have appreciated scones and cream!

When we got back I decided to try some of my clothes on and had to show you my weight loss.  This dress used to be skin tight, and I mean literally skin tight!  You can see how the belt is now holding it in shape.  I think I have put a tiny bit back on in the past week as I have eaten more...trouble is as soon as I eat I am in pain!

Anyway hope you all had a lovely weekend 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Such a lovely surprise!

Hello everyone

I am still not 100% well but I am not going to harp on about that again.  Needless to say I had a nice day yesterday as my husband took me shopping.  I feel like I have hardly left the house of late so it was nice to get out although I was not feeling brilliant.  I did buy a couple of things in H&M and Dorothy Perkins which I shall put in a separate post.

Anyway on Friday I was at home when the doorbell rang and I opened it to a lovely delivery man with a large box from Amazon!.

I was thinking surely he must have knocked at the wrong door but on the box it had my name!   I knew I had not ordered anything from Amazon so I was perplexed!

Anyway imagine my delight when I opened it to find this inside....

and inside this pretty wrapping was this gorgeous pink box of bath bombs and a soap.  I had a note inside from my best friend saying she had sent me this to cheer me up as I had been lovely.

Its so nice to know I have such a lovely friend who is caring and thoughtful in every way.

Its such a gorgeous present, I used the large pink one on Friday night and my skin felt so smooth and soft.  I never realised how nice they make your skin feel.
I am now finding myself rather addicted to bath bombs so after I use these I may treat myself to some.

Do you like bath bombs?


Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Look Online order

Hello lovelies

Firstly I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your kind comments on my previous post.  To be honest I am still not well, everytime I eat I get pain.   I have lost well over a stone in weight in the space of a week!   I have to admit I am happy with the weightloss as I wanted to lose a bit of weight and in a way it will be easier now to keep it off as I have less appetite and I am used to eating less, however I cannot wait to get back to normal and be well again.  I am so fed up with feeling ill.

I thought I would do a quick post to show you my New Look order I made a couple of weeks ago.  I also had a 20% discount code.  :)  

Cream Butterfly cami top

This is not something I normally purchase purely because being busty cami tops don't tend to suit me.  I need things more fitted and structured BUT this is gorgeous and it seems to flatter my chest.   Its extremely pretty too and I love the way it falls. 

Pink lace top

This top is so pretty! Its funny but on the hanger it looks quite shapeless and boxy but its actually quite fitted.  I really love this top, its such a lovely colour for me too and its just ultra feminine.

Tan Cut Out Ballet Pumps

These were from the Teens section but I really love them.  Luckily as I have small feet they had my size.  I love wearing these with or without tights and dresses for work.  They are also extremely comfy and for some reason make my feet look even more tiny!

Pink Floral Chunky Necklace

This needs no introduction this is just perfect for me.

I will be glad to get back to normal and start to feel well again.
Hope your all having a lovely week


Friday, 2 May 2014

Life lately............

Hiya lovelies

Sorry for such a long time in between posting but once again I have been illl!  I have had a terrible stomach virus since Tuesday, it was a pretty horrible virus too I won't give you the gory details (and they were gory!) but I am sort of on the mend.  I am feeling much better but have not ate since Monday night.  I woke up Tuesday morning in agony and feeling horrendous.  I  am feeling a lot better today however I tried some dry toast and it gave me a bad stomach ache so it looks like 4 days without eating!
The only positive thing is I have lost a lot of weight and my clothes look much nicer on but I am scared as I don't want to put it back on so once I start eating properly I am going to definitely be careful with what I eat and look after myself more. 
I am awaiting results as to what the virus was which I should find out next week.

Anyway on to nicer things and I had a lovely bargain a few weeks ago I got this pretty Pussycat dress for just 99p from Ebay.

This dress is lovely and really nice quality I cannot believe I got it for just 99p.  Sorry about the picture quality though I don't think it shows how nice the dress really is.

Anyway hope we have some nice weather this bank holiday?  What are you up to over the bank holiday weekend?

Take care