Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Primark, New Look and Accessorize Collective haul


Sorry I have not blogged for a week I am just trying to get back into a routine of blogging again.

I thought I would show you my New Look and Primark purchases. These were bought on separate occasions over the past couple of months.

Firstly I bought this dress in Primark today and its a beauty!  I missed it the first time I walked around the store but as I was going into the changing rooms a girl had one in her hand and told me where they were.  Anyway the sales girl told me that they were brand new in today and they had only just put them out and already they were just flying off the shelves!! Usually that would put me off buying it as everyone would be wearing it but as I won't wear this till summer I think people would have forgotten it by then...I hope so! This was only £13.00 and its stunning. 

It sort of reminds me of a Lipsy style dress I saw Sam Faiers in once and I have been searching for one similar ever since.

I also bought this dress a couple of weeks ago which I also adore its navy blue with a black collar.  Its like really thick textured stretchy material.  Its a very flattering dress and they also had them in cream with a black collar but they did not have my size.

and I also picked up this cute manicure set....how gorgeous is this!
The only reason I bought this was I did have a manicure set but for some reason decided I would take it abroad one year and of course forgot there were scissors in there!!! Doh...what an idiot! Anyway the security guy had to chuck it in the bin....! This is so pretty I won't be having this one thrown away! It was only £2.00 tooo...bargain!
Then in New Look a few weeks ago I purchased these gorgeous nude diamonte ballet pumps.  These are really pretty and looks lovely with skinny jeans or dresses.  I love pointed ballet pumps more than round toes as I think they make your feet look nicer. 

and this ditsy crochet collar dress, I love this dress for summer.  I think the collar is cute and I like the tiny floral print.

Finally in Accessorize I purchased these navy blue daisy hair slides...how cute!
 I will be catching up on all your blogs today. :)
Take care


  1. Ok, you and I need to shop one day for sure! xo

  2. Love the first dress, I think I'm giving up shopping for Lent, though!

  3. Gutted the dress didn't suit you hun :( Such a shame when that happens! I have teeny tiny boobs though so it probably explains it!

    Glad you found some other lovely things, I didn't really allow myself a proper proper look round so thanks for doing it for me :D

    The first dress is gorgeous, they just have so many wonderful dresses in Primark, there's always so much I want! and I NEEEEEEED the New Look dress, it's so cute! x

  4. I love these dresses! They're gorgeous and make me want to go to Primark haha xoxo


  5. the first dress is so pretty, I love it x

  6. These are all so you!!! Is love that first dress!!! X

  7. Great haul hun. I have that first dress. My eldest saw it and brought it as she said it was "very me" bless her.

    Hope life's not quite so hectic for you at the moment.

    X x

  8. I love that Primark dress. I've not been to Primark for ages!

  9. Great buys as always - I always enjoy your hauls :)
    That first Primark dress is a beaut! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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