Friday, 28 March 2014

♥ Forever 21 Online Haul ♥

I meant to publish this post a couple of days ago but after having been taken to A&E in the early hours of Wednesday morning it put a spanner in the works!  After spending 2 days in hospital I am back :)  I had chest pains late on Tuesday night and rang the out of hours service who then called 999.  Basically my ECG's tests were abnormal and I had very high blood pressure so they thought I may have had a heart attack which was later ruled out.  I also tested positive for a blood clot!  After various tests and a CT scan where they inject dye into your veins...nice, they said there was no clot..luckily. They said that sometimes when you test positive for a blood clot it does not always mean you have one it could just be underlying infection.  As there were no clots and they cannot find an answer to the pain and the abnormal ECG's I could go home but I need to attend a Rapid Heart Clinic as an Outpatient so they can investigate further.  They think I may have Angina anyway but also need to find out whats causes the issues so I have been advised by the consultant to take it easy and not exercise. 
The thing that amazes me is I am not really fit I am not mega unfit I have never smoked and don't drink so why would I have angina or heart related problems.  I guess it does not matter if you are overweight, smoke and drink it can happen to anyone but I suppose those things don't help.
Anyway back to normality now and I just wanted to show you my large Forever 21 order. :) it cheers me up writing and posting about new clothes :)
I ordered the following:

A Little Lace Dress
 This is the name of it on the website. I love this dress so much its beautiful and looks lovely. I cannot wait to be able to wear this. It was only £10.50 and its a lovely length too so can be worn with bare legs although it may be short for people who are tall. I adore the lace waist band and the floral print, it screams picnics and summer.
Fit and Flare Floral Dress
This is another dress I love and have already worn it that weekend we had lovely weather.  Its like a beige/cream with little blue flowers.  I have to admit this dress is very short but I wear it with denim shorts under or over jeggings/leggings. 

Darling Bow Pumps
These are gorgeous and such a lovely coral colour, they are like fake suede and look more expensive than they were.
Garden Party Skater Dress
I sent this back!!  It looks amazing online but when it arrived it was gorgeous except for the colour.  The colour is like a real barbie bright pink.  I love pink but thought this was a hideous pink in terms of clothing.   Its a shame as if the shade of pink would have been nicer it would have been lovely.  Also this is a medium, and I found it be to be massive which is unusual for F21 as usually their clothing is on the smaller side.
Spring Flowers Necklace
aww this is cute and pretty.  Its more pink in reality than the photo, I think the flash has made it look more pale.

I also bought some ankle length black leggings for only £3.00....such good quality for this price.
What do you think of my haul?

I also have a H&M & New Look hauls coming up...I have been busy!!!


  1. Goog God, hopefully you feel better! I love the shoes and the necklace :)

  2. Oooo lovely haul! Your wardrobe must be bursting open with all those dresses. Love the cute shoes.

  3. Eeek, hope you are ok!!!! Take care of yourself!!! I love the pumps and last dress, indeed all of it but I could really have fibe with those shoes today with my coral dress, its hard finding shoes to match! X

  4. oh Lisa, take care of yourself pretty lady! I hope everything is ok x

  5. So glad you're OK and I hope they find out what's wrong really soon, poor you :(

    I used to love F21 when I lived in London, it was always the first place I'd head when I went to Westfield, their jewellery selection is amazing!

    Loving all the florals, gorgeous x

  6. Oh hun, hop your feeling better now. Sending you hugs.

    X x

  7. Huge haul! I love the first 2 dresses.
    I'm glad you are home now lovely, I hope they can find out what is going on for you, my dad had a heart attack and he doesn't smoke and rarely drinks so I think it's one of those things that it will either happen or not. Make sure you look after yourself x

    1. I know you hear of people that don't drink or smoke and have heart attacks like you said it will either happen or not. Hope your dad is ok x

  8. Oh my God, that sounds so scary, are you OK?
    Please take it easy and instead relax in the company of your gorgeous new purchases!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in hospital. I hope that you are okay.
    I love all of this, I actually really like the pink dress that you returned! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  10. Hope that you are feeling much better now and they have got to the bottomn of your symoptoms?
    Myself I had to be admitted to hospital last summer with a fast heart rate and balckouts and some chest pain ... I have just been discharged from seeing my cardiologists now - they have never gotton to the bottom of why my heartbeat is ireegular - but they sway that it is not to a dangerous level ... it just beats as if i am running - even if i am sitting down etc .. and they have put the blackouts down to the low blood pressure i have!!!

    I have gallstones now which are troubling me - grrrrr!!
    Like the lady who commented above i actually like the skater dress you returned too!!



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