Friday, 28 March 2014

♥ Forever 21 Online Haul ♥

I meant to publish this post a couple of days ago but after having been taken to A&E in the early hours of Wednesday morning it put a spanner in the works!  After spending 2 days in hospital I am back :)  I had chest pains late on Tuesday night and rang the out of hours service who then called 999.  Basically my ECG's tests were abnormal and I had very high blood pressure so they thought I may have had a heart attack which was later ruled out.  I also tested positive for a blood clot!  After various tests and a CT scan where they inject dye into your veins...nice, they said there was no clot..luckily. They said that sometimes when you test positive for a blood clot it does not always mean you have one it could just be underlying infection.  As there were no clots and they cannot find an answer to the pain and the abnormal ECG's I could go home but I need to attend a Rapid Heart Clinic as an Outpatient so they can investigate further.  They think I may have Angina anyway but also need to find out whats causes the issues so I have been advised by the consultant to take it easy and not exercise. 
The thing that amazes me is I am not really fit I am not mega unfit I have never smoked and don't drink so why would I have angina or heart related problems.  I guess it does not matter if you are overweight, smoke and drink it can happen to anyone but I suppose those things don't help.
Anyway back to normality now and I just wanted to show you my large Forever 21 order. :) it cheers me up writing and posting about new clothes :)
I ordered the following:

A Little Lace Dress
 This is the name of it on the website. I love this dress so much its beautiful and looks lovely. I cannot wait to be able to wear this. It was only £10.50 and its a lovely length too so can be worn with bare legs although it may be short for people who are tall. I adore the lace waist band and the floral print, it screams picnics and summer.
Fit and Flare Floral Dress
This is another dress I love and have already worn it that weekend we had lovely weather.  Its like a beige/cream with little blue flowers.  I have to admit this dress is very short but I wear it with denim shorts under or over jeggings/leggings. 

Darling Bow Pumps
These are gorgeous and such a lovely coral colour, they are like fake suede and look more expensive than they were.
Garden Party Skater Dress
I sent this back!!  It looks amazing online but when it arrived it was gorgeous except for the colour.  The colour is like a real barbie bright pink.  I love pink but thought this was a hideous pink in terms of clothing.   Its a shame as if the shade of pink would have been nicer it would have been lovely.  Also this is a medium, and I found it be to be massive which is unusual for F21 as usually their clothing is on the smaller side.
Spring Flowers Necklace
aww this is cute and pretty.  Its more pink in reality than the photo, I think the flash has made it look more pale.

I also bought some ankle length black leggings for only £3.00....such good quality for this price.
What do you think of my haul?

I also have a H&M & New Look hauls coming up...I have been busy!!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Three dresses for 5 pounds each :)

Hiya everyone

Last week I managed to buy three lovely dresses for just £5.00 each from a couple of the £5 websites that are around now. 

Firstly I purchased this gorgeous red floral dress which incidentally New Look were selling for around £20.00.  I have noticed this on a couple of peoples blogs and thought how pretty it was.
I got it from a website called  it arrived really quickly too and its so nice.  Its actually a bit longer so I can wear it with bare legs without worrying about it being too short.
I don't know why as I am short at 5ft 3ins but I find a lot of dresses nowadays are quite short.  I just don't know how people who are tall find buying dresses!
They still have this in stock but only in a size 8!

Also I regularly check the website and saw these dresses the other day which they them in about 5 different colours.  I have bought from this website before and both the dresses I bought were ASOS dresses with the labels part removed.  These dresses ere not a known label but they are really nice.  For some reason they accidentally sent the blue one in a smaller size and its a bit tight so I emailed them and they sent me a free returns label.  I found their customer service to be really good. 


I especially love the pink one :)  
The postage on these websites is about £3.95 so you have to take that into account but its still cheap.  Have you bought anything from the £5.00 websites?

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Casual Outfit Post and Tommy's Tree!

Hiya everyone
I thought I would do a quick outfit post, I am trying to wear some of my dresses I have in my wardrobe as I do tend to buy a lot of don't say!!!  I cannot resist I am just a sucker for a pretty dress ha ha
I am really happy as I have lost some weight, my stomach is definitely smaller and my dresses that used to be skintight and uncomfortable are feeling loser and looking better.
I am doing 30 mins of Zumba 3 times a week and have cut out a lot of junk food...I still have the occasional treats but not as much as I used to.  I think as I an have an Under Active Thyroid it is taking longer to lose weight which is an annoyance, it used to be much easier when I was a bit younger :(

Gosh I cannot believe how long my hair is now...seems like its been ages waiting to grow!
Ditsy Dress - Forever 21
Fake Leather Jacket - G21 at Asda
Plaited belt - H&M
Tights - Primark
Tan Boots - Schuh
I am loving the fact the weather is getting warmer and the nights are getting lighter.  Anyway who regularly reads my blog will know that Tommy (our ginger tom cat) died in 2012 and we wanted to plant a tree in his memory as he was an outdoors cat and loved the garden.  Our house is semi-detached with a driveway and garage.  We planted the tree in the front garden on the other side of the driveway.  Last year it did not blossom at all which was really disappointing but this year I have just noticed its actually starting to blossom which I am so happy about.  We called it Tommy's Tree' whenever I look at it I think of my little ginger baby who I adored so much.  Its strange to think when we moved into the house that where the tree is was a was a mess though and we were so worried about children or animals falling into it so we removed it.  
Tommy who sadly died 8th September 2012, god bless him.
Ollie is our latest addition and my second little baby.  We have had him a while now, he likes the garden but is much more of an indoors cat.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (Anti-Fatigue Effect & Radiant Glow)

Last week I purchased Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation to be honest it was a bit of a impromtu buy  as I was not planning to purchase it.  Usually when I buy beauty items I like to find reviews online first to see if they are any good.
I wear foundation every single day as since I was 14 I had bad skin.  I tend to go for a full coverage foundation and have tried many over the years.  For the past few years I have stuck with Vichy Dermablend in Gold, this foundation is fabulous and has an excellent coverage, however since I have gotten older my skin is a lot better so I wanted to try something  with a good coverage but a tad lighter in texture.   I came upon the Rimmel Wake Me Up and this is what it promises.
Our first foundation that visibly reawakens skin with a radiant glow and a flawless, natural looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising Complex.
This was £8.99 in Boots...however we popped to Asda after and they were selling it for a fiver!! So annoying when that happens. 
I find with Vichy the Gold shade is the closest shade for me but in the Rimmel I bought Natural Beige which is a bit darker than the Vichy Gold, but as I tend to always be tanned I thought this would look better. 
As soon as I got home I could not wait to try this out. I took my make up off on one side of my face and put the Rimmel on that side so I could compare the difference between the two! Straight away I could see the Rimmel made my face appear more radiant and awake.  The colour was much more suited to me too and I think my skin looked more youthful on that side.  I asked Mike (without telling him which was which) he said the side that Rimmel was on looked much nicer and my skin also appeared much smoother and younger.  I feel it definitely gives me a more younger and radiant look and it does have a sort of glow about it. 
I am so pleased I purchased the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and will definitely be repurchasing this again. 
In my opinion this product lives up to what it states on the bottle.
Have you ever tried this foundation?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Mini haulage

Hiya lovely followers
Well I had great news this week as I was offered not 1...not 2 but 3 jobs!!! Now I have to make a decision...which is not as easy as you think!
I went on a little shopping spree as a little treat but as usual when you want to splash out you cannot find much you want!
However I made a Forever 21 online order and a H&M order which I shall show you in seperate posts as I am awaiting their arrival :)  I also won a couple of pretty dresses on Ebay which I shall also post at a later date.
Anyway when I went into town I did buy a few small things....
Firstly in New Look I bought this mint jumper/top...I love this it has like a pointelle back and sleeves and the mint colour is lovely. 

Then in Primark agan there was not much I wanted.  Primark do have some gorgeous summer dresses in store at the moment but they are similar to ones I already have so I resisted the urge to buy more!
I did buy this cute little mint vest with like a white floral pattern...its so pretty.
I did also purchase these pretty PJ's.

Have a lovely weekend all

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Currently reading..........

If you have followed my blog for quite a while you will probably know that I love reading.
Its funny but last year I did not read much.  Last year was a difficult year for me I found it so hard to relax and concentrate on things like reading!  
However, over the past few weeks I have got my 'reading mojo'  back again and have started to read before going to bed as I find it really relaxes me. 
At the moment I am reading Marian Keyes...Anyone Out There, it was a book I picked up from a charity shop for 50p...which is where I buy most of my books from.
This is a brilliant book, I am only about one third through and its one of those books you just cannot put down.
My recent great book buy was Sophie Kinsella's brand new latest book, Wedding Night....I love Sophie Kinsella I have all of the Shopaholic series.  This was on offer at Asda for half price so was just £3.99.
Anyone else read/reading any of these books?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Biker Chick

Hiya everyone
I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, we have to make the most of it in the UK!
Mike and I popped to Asda yesterday and while he was looking at the DVD's I had a sneaky peak at the clothing.  I came across this gorgeous jacket and Mike said he would buy it for me.
I have a tan faux leather bomber jacket but nothing black.  I think this is gorgeous as its very flattering, the fit is so nice as it has stretchy panels at each side and I love the embroidered/textured effect on the sleeves and collar.

I was thinking it would go with everything from ditsy floral dresses to jeans and tops.
Now the weather is warming up a bit I have a feeling this will be worn quite a lot!
Take care

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Primark, New Look and Accessorize Collective haul


Sorry I have not blogged for a week I am just trying to get back into a routine of blogging again.

I thought I would show you my New Look and Primark purchases. These were bought on separate occasions over the past couple of months.

Firstly I bought this dress in Primark today and its a beauty!  I missed it the first time I walked around the store but as I was going into the changing rooms a girl had one in her hand and told me where they were.  Anyway the sales girl told me that they were brand new in today and they had only just put them out and already they were just flying off the shelves!! Usually that would put me off buying it as everyone would be wearing it but as I won't wear this till summer I think people would have forgotten it by then...I hope so! This was only £13.00 and its stunning. 

It sort of reminds me of a Lipsy style dress I saw Sam Faiers in once and I have been searching for one similar ever since.

I also bought this dress a couple of weeks ago which I also adore its navy blue with a black collar.  Its like really thick textured stretchy material.  Its a very flattering dress and they also had them in cream with a black collar but they did not have my size.

and I also picked up this cute manicure gorgeous is this!
The only reason I bought this was I did have a manicure set but for some reason decided I would take it abroad one year and of course forgot there were scissors in there!!! Doh...what an idiot! Anyway the security guy had to chuck it in the bin....! This is so pretty I won't be having this one thrown away! It was only £2.00 tooo...bargain!
Then in New Look a few weeks ago I purchased these gorgeous nude diamonte ballet pumps.  These are really pretty and looks lovely with skinny jeans or dresses.  I love pointed ballet pumps more than round toes as I think they make your feet look nicer. 

and this ditsy crochet collar dress, I love this dress for summer.  I think the collar is cute and I like the tiny floral print.

Finally in Accessorize I purchased these navy blue daisy hair cute!
 I will be catching up on all your blogs today. :)
Take care