Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fill your boots!


I bought two pairs of boots in the sales last week.
In Next Clearance I purchased these suede boots which were originally £60.00 reduced to £30.00.  The funny thing is they are a size 3.5 and I am a 4-5. I don't buy much in Next but I notice their clothing/shoes is always oversized! I love these boots a lot in fact I think they are my favourite boots ♥

 Then at while I was shopping with a friend last weekend I popped into Schuh on the off chance and saw these leather flat boots in the sale.  As you know I love my tan colour shoes!  I do have some flat tan boots but they are looking a bit scuffed and worn now.  These were originally £89.00 reduced to £39.00 and I had a gift voucher which you can spend in any shop in the shopping mall so did not have to pay for them either. They are lovely and really soft buttery leather.

Take care


  1. You always find the best bargains! I went to primark today because of you! ;) Walked out with 5 tops, eek!

  2. I love those tan flat boots, such a lovely colour and they will look gorgeous with all your gorgeous floral dresses!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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