Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blogger Love Tag


I saw this tag on another blog and thought I would have a go. :)

What was the first blog you ever came across?

There were two blogs that started me off thinking I could create my own blog and that was the lovely Emma at she inspired me so much as I love her clothing.  Since then she has had 2 lovely little boys and now has the following blog and the 2nd blog was by the lovely Sadie of who buys such lovely stylish clothing.   I still follow these blogs today and both Emma and Sadie are great girls :)

Favourite blogs?

That is difficult! I have so many blogs that are favourites for different reasons so I could not possibly say.

Best blogging friend?

I have never met anyone in the blogging world although I have become facebook friends with people. I would love to meet people though but I am quite shy at first!

Name a blog that enables your purchases.

That is probably Victoria at she likes really girly things like me and I always tend to like things she buys.  I love her haul posts and she loves shopping and pretty dresses which inspires me too. 

Five blogs everyone should be reading?

Well apart from the three I have already mentioned which are all fabulous blogs then I would also say the following:

Charlotte at a great girl with a penchant for fabulous shoes.

Gaelle at  a lovely girl who loves make up and always has amazing eye make up.

Sophie at a mega fit lady who lives in a gorgeous location and takes stunning photos.

Char at a lady who loves her quirky dresses and heels.

Stephanie at a girly girl who loves make up.

To be honest there are more so I am sorry if I have not mentioned you but you know who you are as I regularly leave comments on your blogs :)

What is your favourite way to read blogs?

I tend to read blogs when I have spare time I like to make a cup of coffee,  sit down, relax and read away!

Bloggers that inspire you?

All of the ones I have mentioned.

Favourite blog design/look?

Probably Victoria at its so girly and so me!  I really want a Cath Kidston background but I cannot seem to find one that would work on my blog.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love showing my new purchases, I like to think or hope I inspire people too and they think 'thats nice I will get that'.  I enjoy writing about things I love and I adore clothes so its like keeping a diary of things I have purchased that I can look back on.  I also love reading other blogs and getting an insight into peoples lives and outfits which also inspire me.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book?

I reckon Sophie at would write an amazing book.  She is so witty and I find her interesting.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


  1. I love reading peoples answers to these x

  2. aww thank you so much for mentioning me :) I always love your buys too! x

  3. Great answers! I love Sophie's blog too! By the way, I did your Liebster one a week ago now if you wanted to read my answers x

  4. Aw Lisa you are so kind! I have to get round to doing these tags super soon. Then get started on my book *ahem*. Obviously I'd send you a freebie copy to review ;) x

    1. Oh you must do them as I would love to read your answers. x

  5. Thank you! I love your blog too!

  6. Thank you for mentioning me Lisa :) It seems so long ago that we were on the fashion forums on Handbag!!


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