Sunday, 23 February 2014

Don't get shirty!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post I am so relieved that I am not the only one who is terrified of the dentists... :)
My mouth is much better now and at least I don't have toothache anymore.
Onto the reason for my post and that is about Mango...not the fruit but the clothing!
I really love Mango as the clothing is such a nice quality however I tend to not spend a lot in there as I find the UK prices are really ridiculous!  Whenever I go to Spain/Tenerife I love shopping in Mango and Zara as the prices are a lot lower.
I don't know if many of you know but there is a Mango Outlet online which is seperate to the actual Mango website.  The dresses start from as littls as £2.99.  I keep checking on there as for months now I have wanted a Shirt Dress.  I love Mango's shirt dresses as they usually fit really well and have lycra in so they are very flattering.
I have been checking the website every week to see if any have come back in stock for months now.  A couple of weeks ago I was in luck they had one in stock in a dusky pink colour and in my size so I snapped it up.  It was only £9.99 plus £2.95 postage.  It was originally £34.99.
I love this dress, its a lovely colour and it fits so well and it looks even better with a belt.
I think everyone should own a shirt dress, they are really versatile.
I just want one in black now!!
Do you shop in Mango?

Friday, 21 February 2014

A Perfectly Pink Present ♥

Today I had to have a tooth out...ouch!  I have had bad toothache for the past couple of weeks but have been putting off the inevitable, hoping in some way the pain would just go away.  However today I woke up and the pain was just like nothing I had experienced before!  I hate the dentists (although my dentist is lovely) so off I went scared stiff quaking in my little boots, ha ha yes I know at my age!  I am sure she has had child patients that was not as scared as me.  The dentist was so lovely and really put me at ease and I am so glad I did it as it was not half as bad as I imagined it would be.  Bad news is I have to go back in just under 2 weeks for a filling but at least that won't be as bad as an extraction...I hope anyway. 
Anyway onto my post and being quite a girly girl that likes anything floral and feminine I had my eye on this purse in Accessorize for a few weeks.  As I already own a gazillion purses (slight exaggeration!) I could not justify buying another even though I adored it.

Its everything I love, its pink....check, it has ditsy floral lining...check and it has a cute little bow on the front...check check check!
So imagine my surprise when my lovely sister bought it for me ♥
I love the floral lining ♥
Its not even like its my birthday or anything, how sweet is that?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

♥ H&M Navy Dress ♥


I purchased this dress a couple of weeks ago in H&M with a giftcard I was given at christmas.

This is probably one of my favourite dresses that I have bought in a long time.

I love the colours its like a deep navy and I love the style and fit.

I just need to go somewhere nice to wear it now. 

This photo gives you an ideal of what it looks like on me, although it does not really show the lace waist in the photo.  I have lost weight from when I bought it a few weeks ago too as I can tell its a tad looser on the arms and waist.  I have been really trying to watch what I eat.
Oh and please ignore the dodgy tan this was St Moriz before I showered off the excess..ha ha!

Take care

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bird Bed


Hello, hope you are all having a lovely Saturday.
My new latest home purchase is this pretty duvet cover from Asda, it was only £14.00, I think its gorgeous it looks really vintage and more expensive than it was. 
Not sure what Ollie thinks of all the birds though..ha ha!
Asda have some lovely new duvet covers in for Spring starting at £10 for Singles, £12 for a Double and £14 for Kingsize.
I think thats just such a good price.
I also saw this bird duvet cover in H&M for £35.00, its gorgeous but I have a lot of pink in my room at the moment and thought this may have been too they have sold out in the Kingsize.
Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

♥ Forever 21 Dress Wishlist & purchase ♥

Hiya everyone
I have made no secret of the fact that I love Forever 21.  They have a few dresses online that I really need in  my life. I don't know how I have resisted ordering them all!  I was really good and ordered just one, the first one as I had to have this dress as soon as I saw it.
Its perfect for spring/summer for when the weather is nicer.  It arrived on Monday and its gorgeous.  Its more cream than the photo but that makes it even more perfect to me! 
Prairie Darling Dress 

Garden Party Skater Dress 


Sweet Pleat Dot Dress - Coral and White
Prairie Nights Dress
Floating Daisies Skater Dress

Down to Earth Skater Dress

Whats your take on F21, are you a fan?
Take care

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blogger Love Tag


I saw this tag on another blog and thought I would have a go. :)

What was the first blog you ever came across?

There were two blogs that started me off thinking I could create my own blog and that was the lovely Emma at she inspired me so much as I love her clothing.  Since then she has had 2 lovely little boys and now has the following blog and the 2nd blog was by the lovely Sadie of who buys such lovely stylish clothing.   I still follow these blogs today and both Emma and Sadie are great girls :)

Favourite blogs?

That is difficult! I have so many blogs that are favourites for different reasons so I could not possibly say.

Best blogging friend?

I have never met anyone in the blogging world although I have become facebook friends with people. I would love to meet people though but I am quite shy at first!

Name a blog that enables your purchases.

That is probably Victoria at she likes really girly things like me and I always tend to like things she buys.  I love her haul posts and she loves shopping and pretty dresses which inspires me too. 

Five blogs everyone should be reading?

Well apart from the three I have already mentioned which are all fabulous blogs then I would also say the following:

Charlotte at a great girl with a penchant for fabulous shoes.

Gaelle at  a lovely girl who loves make up and always has amazing eye make up.

Sophie at a mega fit lady who lives in a gorgeous location and takes stunning photos.

Char at a lady who loves her quirky dresses and heels.

Stephanie at a girly girl who loves make up.

To be honest there are more so I am sorry if I have not mentioned you but you know who you are as I regularly leave comments on your blogs :)

What is your favourite way to read blogs?

I tend to read blogs when I have spare time I like to make a cup of coffee,  sit down, relax and read away!

Bloggers that inspire you?

All of the ones I have mentioned.

Favourite blog design/look?

Probably Victoria at its so girly and so me!  I really want a Cath Kidston background but I cannot seem to find one that would work on my blog.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love showing my new purchases, I like to think or hope I inspire people too and they think 'thats nice I will get that'.  I enjoy writing about things I love and I adore clothes so its like keeping a diary of things I have purchased that I can look back on.  I also love reading other blogs and getting an insight into peoples lives and outfits which also inspire me.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book?

I reckon Sophie at would write an amazing book.  She is so witty and I find her interesting.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fill your boots!


I bought two pairs of boots in the sales last week.
In Next Clearance I purchased these suede boots which were originally £60.00 reduced to £30.00.  The funny thing is they are a size 3.5 and I am a 4-5. I don't buy much in Next but I notice their clothing/shoes is always oversized! I love these boots a lot in fact I think they are my favourite boots ♥

 Then at while I was shopping with a friend last weekend I popped into Schuh on the off chance and saw these leather flat boots in the sale.  As you know I love my tan colour shoes!  I do have some flat tan boots but they are looking a bit scuffed and worn now.  These were originally £89.00 reduced to £39.00 and I had a gift voucher which you can spend in any shop in the shopping mall so did not have to pay for them either. They are lovely and really soft buttery leather.

Take care