Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings

I am a massive fan of jeggings when they first came out I remember mentioning the word 'jeggings' and people looked at me with such horror!  The thought of super stretchy denim leggings just sounded 'oh so tacky'...and I admit some of the cheaper ones do look pretty tacky.
However over the past couple of years I have found that New Look always have some lovely jeggings if you don't buy the £10 polyester ones. I bought a medium blue pair in  New Look last year which were £20 and I love them so much, they are super stylish, comfy and they look like proper skinny jeans.
I also always loved Dorothy Perkins jeggings they are a bit more expensive but the are really nice, I have some bright blue ones from DP that I love and loads of people ask me where they are from.  I think they were about £25.
Anyway I have heard a lot of talk about Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings and they always have such great reviews so as Dorothy Perkins had their 24% off for 24 hours on Sunday I thought I would order a couple of pairs.  I also got free delivery to store and oh my god these did not disappoint, they are the best jeggings I have ever bought.
They are soft, super stretchy, comfortable, don't dig into you at all and they do petite, regular and long legs which is ideal as petite is ideal for me as I find a lot of jeggings too long for me.
I really wanted the bleach ones as I don't have any jeggings this light and thought they would be ideal for spring/ glad I got these I love them they look so nice.
  They actually look even nicer in reality than in the photo I think!


I also ordered the black ones as I have one pair of black jeggings that I bought from Primark ages ago but they are looking a bit tatty and faded now.
Have you tried Eden Jeggings?  Whats your favourite jeggings?


  1. I've not tried Jeggings except for a hideous pair I bought from Tesco 5 years ago. They put me off! x

  2. I have never tried jeggings yet. It's something to do with elasticated waistbands! They're hard o pull off!

  3. I had a nice looking pair some years ago but the shape didn't suit me, they just kept slipping down so I was hoiking up the whole time! The feel of a seam against my leg puts me off too! X

  4. I could really do with a pair of black ones actually to wear with ankle boots. will have a look!

  5. My dad bought me some Levis jeggings for Christmas (they still have a proper zip and everything) and I just love them, they are so stretchy and comfortable and wash beautifully! I will definitely invest in more!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. I am a huge huge fan of the River Island Molly jeggings, they are an amazing fit, so flatering!


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