Monday, 20 January 2014

Daisy Crazy!

Hiya everyone
Well last week was a pretty eventful for me, firstly I was offered a job then in the very same day my brakes failed on my car!  Quite a terrifying experience but at least I was not alone as I had the RAC man next to me!  I was driving at 40mph and the car was speeding up and revving,,,,panic stricken the RAC man took it out of gear and I put the handbrake on...luckily there was not much traffic about!  The RAC man was quite calm...unlike me! It has frightened me though and in a way put me off driving for a while.
Onto my post and I notice that Daisies are everywhere on the high street right now and to be honest I have always loved them anyway as I like my florals but I did order a couple of  'daisy' items over the last couple of days.
I ordered this dress from New Look, I know its just a black skater dress but it has a daisy design around the neckline.  I love this but I just wish the daisies had been white as I think they would have stood out more.  I was thinking of buying some material white daisies to stitch onto it! 
Also I ordered these belts from New Look, I really love these
and a daisy print umbrella...well I needed a new one as my other one broke!!
I also ordered this black dress with the lace hem....I think this is gorgeous I just worry people may think I am wearing a nightdress!! eek
Lastly not daisy related I got this Max C Scallop Collar dress in the ASOS sale reduced to £16.50.  This is gorgeous.

I popped into town today too and picked up a few things so a haul post will be coming soon.  :)
Do you love the daisy trend?


  1. I have lots of daisy things already so I am not really looking at Daisy things, even though I love them! what I do love is the Max cC dress- SO envious- I really wanted a scallopdress!x

  2. yup i am daisy obsessed too, got a gress and pumps from new look, cardi from primark, wellies from asda etc haha

  3. You bet I love the Daisy trend! xo

  4. Glad your incident wasn't any worse, how scary. I ran out of fuel on a dual carriageway once, it shook me up a bit.
    The last dress is very pretty x

  5. You are such a shopaholic - you always have great new buys - I'm so poor at the minute it's good that I can live vicariously through you :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. OMG I can't believe your brakes went, no wonder you were scared!!
    I was looking at those New Look dresses last night, I ended up ordering a heart print dress from them x

  7. I love the dress with the sheer hem. How long is it??

    1. Hi, its above the knee but not too short. I am only 5ft 3ins though x

  8. Lots of pretty daisy things around at the moment - have you seen the daisy dress in Matalan at the moment? I think it's only £12.

  9. Congrats on your job and I hope you are fine after your car scare! I love the umbrella!


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