Friday, 31 January 2014

Primark 'new in store' Spring Haulage

Oooh I have not done a Primark haul for ages!!!

If you live in the UK you will know how grey and depressing the weather has been lately so when I popped into Primark last week and saw that they had quite a lot of their new Spring range in it cheered me up a lot!
My love affair with Primark has been quashed of late but I must admit I am loving the new range.
Firstly I picked up this cream ditsy dress with the crochet design.  I adore this dress, it reminds me of a Cath Kidston print.  I cannot wait for the warmer weather to wear it. This was £12

Peach cardigan with lace detail - another gorgeous item.  They also had this in cream and I might have to go back to get that one!

Nude heart print cardigan - this is really cute I do love my nudes/pink colours


Cream top - this is lovely worn with jeggings as its long and very flattering, sorry about how creased it looks in the photos :(


Floral Ballet pumps - Oh my gosh I love these.  I love how the colours go together and they are so springlike plus I adore the coral bows!  Only £4.00

Hair band - loving these hairbands and it has such a pretty design

Ginger cat cushion...only £4.00 had to have this! It was in one of my previous posts about my bedroom

Soft pink fluffy rose design throw, again this was in my bedroom post.  They also have this in cream. Its really gorgeous and soft.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a friend I have not seen since last November, so looking forward to catching up and maybe some more shopping.  I don't think I will be spending much though as I acutally have some gift vouchers left over from christmas.  I think I need a 'shopping' type of job! ha ha
Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Liebster Award Tag

Hello everyone

Last month I was awarded the Liebster Award by the lovely

The Rules:
Share 11 things about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you.
Choose 11 other blogs to nominate.
Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated.
Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog
My questions:
1. What winter holidays do you celebrate, if any?

2. What is your favourite thing about these winter holidays (or just winter)?
I love being with my loved ones and time off work.

3. What is your least favourite thing about winter holidays (or just winter)?

The panic on the highstreet and the crowds.

4. Are you ever afraid of burning your mouth on hot beverages?

No, I have been called 'Asbestos mouth' before!

5. What's the most overrated thing about winter?

I think Christmas is sometimes overrated and so commercialised now.

6. What's the most underrated thing about winter?

The sunny cold crisp mornings, my favourite type of weather!

7. Do you actually like the cold weather? What's "cold" to you?

I do like cold weather but I hate grey clouds, wind and rain...thats just horrible weather.  I love it when its freezing cold but sunny.

8. If you could visit one place in the winter, where would it be?

I would love to visit New York in winter.

9. What's the coldest weather you've been in?

I cannot remember really I think in England its pretty much cold most of the time!

10. Have you ever seen snow? What is your favorite snowy memory?

I have been in snow in the UK but my best memories of snow was when I went skiing in Austria many years ago with my ex boyfriend.  Austria is so breathtaking and picturesque, however I am not a good skier and I had to make myself fall over to stop!!!

11. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus? When did you stop?

Yes I did but it stopped when I caught my parents eating and drinking the food I had left out for Santa Claus!   They did not know I had snuck downstairs...ha ha!

I choose to tag:

These are the 11 questions.  Please let me know if you do this so I can read your answers.

1) Have you already broken a new years resolution?
2) Did you celebrate on new years eve?
3) Do you worry about what the New Year will bring?
4) Are you booking a holiday sometime soon and where too?
5) Was 2013 a good/bad year for you?
6) If you could buy one thing now with £20.00 what would it be?
7) If you could buy one thing now for £500.00 what would it be?
8) What month is your birthday?
9) Have you ever been to Devon/Cornwall?
10) Have you got a best friend and why are they your best friend?
11) Do you like your job?


Monday, 27 January 2014

The feminine touch - new bedroom buys and updated photos!

Hello everyone

We finally got around to having wooden flooring put down all through the ground floor of the house last week and it makes such a looks really amazing. 

As we we were having this done I decided to buy a few new things for the house like rug, curtains, new curtain rails and a new floor lamp and the living room looks beautiful now I am so proud of it.   I will try and take some photos when I get chance.

With that in mind I also wanted to get some new curtains for our bedroom which we decorated last year. 

I was looking online and came across these curtains in the sale they were originally £89.00 reduced to £32.  I think they are stunning but I did wonder if they were too girly.  I spoke to Mike and he said have the bedroom how you want it so I ordered them.  They arrived the very next day and they look totally gorgeous and really expensive.  They are like a soft pink satin look.  I bought them from


Unfortunately they had sold out of the matching bedding which I wish I could get too as its stunning



While I was in Primark last week I saw this rose print fluffy throw which I also purchased for our bedroom.  You cannot see from the photo but it has like a rosebud design and its so fluffy and warm.

and I also saw this ginger cat cushion and had to buy it!  How gorgeous :)

Here are some updated photos of the bedroom:

the bedding and cushions are all from Primark, I love the house items in Primark!
The canvas photo is a christmas present from my gorgeous neice. She took a photo of Tommy and had it blown up on canvas for us.  I cried when I opened this present it was so thoughtful and a way to always remember him :)

This chest of drawers is from Dunelm Mill.   

My shelf which has the tv and my accessories/jewellery. 

Its not quite finished yet as my laptop died on me and so I had to get my old pc out and put it on my chest of drawers!!! I hate this as I used to have all my jewellery and pretty things on here.  I need to get another laptop soon as my old pc is so slow as well!

Poor Mike, its not a very masculine room is it lol! This is the only room in the house that is pink though!!!

I will try and take some more photos when its exactly how I want it and I will try and take some photos of the living room/kitchen etc.  I am so happy we have finally got around to doing the house as we have had to live with it not being that nice for a few years!
I did actually manage to also buy some clothes in Primark too which I shall put in a separate post.

Take care


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings

I am a massive fan of jeggings when they first came out I remember mentioning the word 'jeggings' and people looked at me with such horror!  The thought of super stretchy denim leggings just sounded 'oh so tacky'...and I admit some of the cheaper ones do look pretty tacky.
However over the past couple of years I have found that New Look always have some lovely jeggings if you don't buy the £10 polyester ones. I bought a medium blue pair in  New Look last year which were £20 and I love them so much, they are super stylish, comfy and they look like proper skinny jeans.
I also always loved Dorothy Perkins jeggings they are a bit more expensive but the are really nice, I have some bright blue ones from DP that I love and loads of people ask me where they are from.  I think they were about £25.
Anyway I have heard a lot of talk about Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings and they always have such great reviews so as Dorothy Perkins had their 24% off for 24 hours on Sunday I thought I would order a couple of pairs.  I also got free delivery to store and oh my god these did not disappoint, they are the best jeggings I have ever bought.
They are soft, super stretchy, comfortable, don't dig into you at all and they do petite, regular and long legs which is ideal as petite is ideal for me as I find a lot of jeggings too long for me.
I really wanted the bleach ones as I don't have any jeggings this light and thought they would be ideal for spring/ glad I got these I love them they look so nice.
  They actually look even nicer in reality than in the photo I think!


I also ordered the black ones as I have one pair of black jeggings that I bought from Primark ages ago but they are looking a bit tatty and faded now.
Have you tried Eden Jeggings?  Whats your favourite jeggings?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Daisy Crazy!

Hiya everyone
Well last week was a pretty eventful for me, firstly I was offered a job then in the very same day my brakes failed on my car!  Quite a terrifying experience but at least I was not alone as I had the RAC man next to me!  I was driving at 40mph and the car was speeding up and revving,,,,panic stricken the RAC man took it out of gear and I put the handbrake on...luckily there was not much traffic about!  The RAC man was quite calm...unlike me! It has frightened me though and in a way put me off driving for a while.
Onto my post and I notice that Daisies are everywhere on the high street right now and to be honest I have always loved them anyway as I like my florals but I did order a couple of  'daisy' items over the last couple of days.
I ordered this dress from New Look, I know its just a black skater dress but it has a daisy design around the neckline.  I love this but I just wish the daisies had been white as I think they would have stood out more.  I was thinking of buying some material white daisies to stitch onto it! 
Also I ordered these belts from New Look, I really love these
and a daisy print umbrella...well I needed a new one as my other one broke!!
I also ordered this black dress with the lace hem....I think this is gorgeous I just worry people may think I am wearing a nightdress!! eek
Lastly not daisy related I got this Max C Scallop Collar dress in the ASOS sale reduced to £16.50.  This is gorgeous.

I popped into town today too and picked up a few things so a haul post will be coming soon.  :)
Do you love the daisy trend?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Son of a Peach!


Last year I came across a rather cheap make up brand in Superdrug that does not test on animals, its called Beauty UK.  I have been using 'Chelsea' which is like a nude caramel colour for a while and I love this colour.

The other day I also bought Son of a Peach (ha ha I love the name of this).  This is very pale peach and worn alone its not that great but I mix it with MUA's Peachykeen which is a more stronger peach colour and they look so nice together.  MUA lipsticks are only £1 each but I find them very drying where as Beauty UK's lipsticks are a really nice creamy consistency.
Son of a Peach
without flash
Son of a Peach
with flash
This is the MUA Peachkeen, as you can see this is more of a darker peach but its really pretty.

Top - MUA Peachykeen
Middle - Beauty UK Son of a Peach
Bottom - Beauty UK Chelsea
Have you tried any of these?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

In store: January sales purchases

Hello everyone

As I mentioned before I was not very impressed with the sales but I did manage to get a couple of things I liked.

Firstly I got this gorgeous bikini in the Next Clearance sale.  It was originally £32 reduced to just £2 for the top and £2 for the bottoms...bargain or what!
Its actually in cup size too but I chose a size smaller than I am as that will be ideal when I have lost weight.  I know you should not purchase things that are smaller but I feel this will be a good goal to work towards as I really want to be able to wear this bikini and look and feel great!

I also purchased this red hairband in Accessorize for £1.80.

New Look lace collar top £7.00


Nude blazer in Primark £7.00


Monday, 6 January 2014

Clogau Cariad Locket


I just wanted to show you my gorgeous locket Mike bought me for Christmas.
The Clogau 'Cariad' locket.  Clogau is welsh gold and its the gold of royalty..apparently!  Cariad means 'love' in welsh.  Mike was worried I may not like it but I think its stunning as it has a simple beauty to it.


Also Mike did buy me the Fiorelli bag I mentioned in a previous post..I adore this bag :)
and this Cath Kidston bag....
I wanted a dark floral one as I have a creamy white floral CK bag.
I also received a New Look voucher and various other bits, I think Mike really spoilt me this year and I felt extremely lucky.

Friday, 3 January 2014

ASOS Sale Haul

Hello everyone

After Christmas I always go to the 'January sales' although many of them start before christmas!  This year I was very disappointed, I am pretty sure most of the shops bring out tat from ages ago to try and re sell. I did buy a few things which I shall show you in another post.

One place I can always count on for a good sale though is ASOS. 
Here are my ASOS purchases:

Nishe Bow Print Sweetheart Dress, this dress is gorgeous! £45.00 reduced to £13.50

Lovestruck Lace Detail Dress £42.00 reduced to £12.50

Vila Tulip Dress in Pink - £28.00 reduced to £11.00

I had to return this as although its gorgeous the colour pink is like 'Barbie'  The colour looks a lot nicer online.
Vila Tulip Dress in Grey - £28.00 reduced to £11.00
Love this and I am going to wear this for work.

Have you bought anything in the ASOS sale?


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year - First Outfit of 2014

Well I hope you all had a great christmas.  I just want to wish all my followers and readers a happy new year, I hope 2014 is a good one for you all.

I have bought a few things in the sales the past week which I shall blog about very soon.  To be honest I was not overly impressed with the sales this time. 

I popped into town today to get some trainers for the gym and this was my outfit.

Dress - Forever 21
Belt - is from another ASOS dress
Boots & Cardigan - Primark
I have to admit I hate trainers but needed some new ones as I have joined the gym this week.  I have decided to get myself into action and do something as I am unhappy with my body and don't want to spend another summer feeling fat and horrible.
I am aiming to go 4 times a week...eek
My new years resolutions is to lose weight, feel healthier and be happier!
Just before christmas I lost my job, it was only temporary but it has given me the opportunity to go to the gym and get fitter/slimmer.
I am going to start looking for a new job in a few weeks.
Whats your new year resolutions?