Friday, 20 December 2013

Not just ONE but TWO Coats!

In the past week I have bought two coats....eek!
They were not very expensive so really added together they were the price of one coat, does not sound so bad eh!
Both coats were from BHS!!! Yes you heard right BHS a shop I always hated as I thought it was frumpy and past it however I was surprised how nice some of the items are online and they seen to have gotten a bit younger and modern.  A year or so ago I bought some gorgeous sand suede look ankle boots in BHS which looked a like ones in Mango or Zara for a fraction of the price.
The first coat is this luxurious cream belted coat which was £60.00 but I got 20% off and next day delivery for only a £1.00.  Its safe to say I love this coat it's really glamorous and classy looking.  The material is lovely and the colour is gorgeous.

the second coat is a Cream/Stone Pea Coat which was £35.00 but looks a lot more expensive.  The material of this is really nice but probably not quite as nice as the first one...hence the price difference.  Its more of a stone/cream colour and as I am only short both these coats look nice on me and are really flattering and they don't seem to totally drown me like I find with a lot of coats.

I will definitely be checking out BHS again.


  1. They both look great and not frumpy at all! I can't trust myself in a cream coat! Lol. X

  2. The white one is gorgeous, a real find. Who knew BHS would be the shop to go to for such stylish coats!

    X x

  3. Bhs does have some nice things nowadays! X


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