Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bag love


Well with Christmas coming Mike usually tends to ask me what I would like for christmas and then gets a couple of things I ask for with maybe a few surprises. I would rather have surprises and I am lucky in the fact that Mike does tend to buy me things I like.  

This year there is not much I really want except maybe perfume as I don't tend to buy that myself and I am usually given it as a gift.  However I have seen this bag from Fiorelli that I am in love with.

I tend to usually get money off my family so if Mike does not get it then I may buy it with money I am given.  Its such a gorgeous bag and so me! :) 

To be honest all I really want for christmas is for my dad to be healthy and for Mike and my family to be happy and healthy but I think deep down that's really what all of us wish for at Christmas.

What's on your wishlist?




  1. I like to buy presents for others and to know that they are happy in the festive season :) x

  2. Gorgeous bag! I hope your dad gets better x


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