Saturday, 21 December 2013

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

Hello lovely followers
I know its a tad early but I just wanted to wish you all a very happy christmas as we are travelling up to my parents tomorrow so I will not be posting until after we come back.
I hope you all have a wonderful time and all your wishes come true.
My wish is for my dad to be 100% well again and for my husband and family to have health and happiness.
Have a lovely time and gorge yourself silly...ha ha

Friday, 20 December 2013

Not just ONE but TWO Coats!

In the past week I have bought two coats....eek!
They were not very expensive so really added together they were the price of one coat, does not sound so bad eh!
Both coats were from BHS!!! Yes you heard right BHS a shop I always hated as I thought it was frumpy and past it however I was surprised how nice some of the items are online and they seen to have gotten a bit younger and modern.  A year or so ago I bought some gorgeous sand suede look ankle boots in BHS which looked a like ones in Mango or Zara for a fraction of the price.
The first coat is this luxurious cream belted coat which was £60.00 but I got 20% off and next day delivery for only a £1.00.  Its safe to say I love this coat it's really glamorous and classy looking.  The material is lovely and the colour is gorgeous.

the second coat is a Cream/Stone Pea Coat which was £35.00 but looks a lot more expensive.  The material of this is really nice but probably not quite as nice as the first one...hence the price difference.  Its more of a stone/cream colour and as I am only short both these coats look nice on me and are really flattering and they don't seem to totally drown me like I find with a lot of coats.

I will definitely be checking out BHS again.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Secret Santa :)


Well its not long to go now...exciting!

I have bought all my christmas presents which is unusual for me as usually I am getting the last few things on Christmas eve.

We had Secret Santa in work and whoever had me did really well as I adore my present.

I had these Accessorize hair slides...I love them all but especially the red bow ones.  Someone knows me well :)

I bought my secret santa some gorgeous sparkly earrings from Dorothy Perkins....I hope the person liked them.

Do you do Secret Santa and if so what did you get/buy?


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Forever 21 Birmingham haul :)

Hiya everyone

A few weeks ago a friend and I went to Birmingham for the weekend, it was packed beyond anything I have seen before.  The christmas market so was busy you could not even get to it.

I bought a few items and most of them were in my favourite store...Forever 21

Firstly I had a fabulous bargain in there and bought these tan chestnut coloured boots which were reduced to £11 from nearly £30!

Ditsy floral tea dress,  this is gorgoeus I love the long sleeves and it has a lace up bit at the back.  I love the pretty print too and its really flattering.

Bunches of flowers Skater Dress, this was only a bargainous £7.50 and it looks lovely. Mike and I went to Bath yesterday and I  wore this with my tan bow belt and the Forever 21 boots above and I loved this outfit.  I wish I had taken a photo for an outfit post! :(

They had this in blue as well and I so wish I had bought that one too!

Pink cardigan - this is a pretty basic cardigan but again this was only £11. and I love the colour and it goes with lots on my wardrobe.

When I saw these items of jewellery I had to have them, I love daisies and these are mega cute earrings and so pretty, they especially stand out with dark hair.  The pink heart necklace is lovely and I love the floral design. 

Peach lounge top - This matches with my peach spotty pyjama bottoms from George at Asda. I cannot believe this was only £5 something as the material so so soft and expensive looking.

Also in H&M I purchased a little black skater type skirt,  I have been wearing it to work with fitted jumpers and its so nice.

I love Forever 21 so much its definitely my favourite store I just wish they had one in Bristol.  I think its the same sort of price as Primark but a million zillion times better.

Take care


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bag love


Well with Christmas coming Mike usually tends to ask me what I would like for christmas and then gets a couple of things I ask for with maybe a few surprises. I would rather have surprises and I am lucky in the fact that Mike does tend to buy me things I like.  

This year there is not much I really want except maybe perfume as I don't tend to buy that myself and I am usually given it as a gift.  However I have seen this bag from Fiorelli that I am in love with.

I tend to usually get money off my family so if Mike does not get it then I may buy it with money I am given.  Its such a gorgeous bag and so me! :) 

To be honest all I really want for christmas is for my dad to be healthy and for Mike and my family to be happy and healthy but I think deep down that's really what all of us wish for at Christmas.

What's on your wishlist?



Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New nightwear


I am a really bad blogger so please bear with me but I am getting around to trying to do more posts...eek!

I have my Birmingham haul to do from 2 weeks ago and I must try and do some outfit posts.

I admit I do like nightwear thats pretty and lacy in the summer but when winter comes Mike has to put up with me wearing my cosy warm nightwear...not the sexiest of things I know but I like to keep warm.

I really wanted some new nightwear for winter and bought a few items the other day.

Firstly I saw this gorgeous nightdress in H&M and had to have it.  Its cream with red bows on and its so comfy. Its knee length on me and its stretchy so fits really well and retains its shape

Then in Asda I bought these peach fleece pj bottoms with polka dots on, I love these!

and to go with that I bought this lounge top in Forever 21.  This is so nice and it was only £6.00

Thanks for reading and I am going to try and do more posts.