Monday, 21 October 2013

Lets call a rather big haul!

Hello everyone

Well I have had a lovely couple of days in Swindon with my best friend but I shall blog about this in my next post as I just wanted to show you my haul from a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately these photos were taken with my old camera so they still have the black marks.  I do have a new one (which I did not pay a penny for :) extended warranty is a good things sometimes!

I shall start off in Mango where I bought this gorgeous cream knitted dress.

I adore this dress I wanted it in red too as I have a thing about wanting a red knitted dress for winter.  I think they are super stylish and cosy and this dress is just so flattering, its really thick and stretchy too.  The quality is lovely and I do love Mango :) 

In New Look I purchased 2 dresses... plus some shoes, a belt and earrings!

First dress is this floral wrap dress. I love this dress,  again its very flattering on me the only thing I am not keen on is it sticks to my tights a bit...needs a slip underneath and some static spray.

I also purchased this rather 'summery' looking Skater Dress. I love the pattern on this.

Then I purchased these cute leopard print pumps, I have been after some of these for a while but I never seemed to be able to find ones I really liked s I have seen quite a few with round toes...yuck and stupid gold bars on them...yuckety yuck.  I prefer the pointed toe as I think they are more elegant so I love these.

and I also got these earrings in the sale, they were half price.

And this Nude Bow Belt  

In H&M I purchased two tops 

This pink lace edged vest top, was a bit steep for a basic top as it was £5.99 but its lovely material and stretchy.

Cream Lace Top

I bought some really nice things in Swindon which I shall blog about later in the week. 

Take care



  1. I am so in love with that Mango dress! xo

  2. I love it all but I especially love the third dress, just gorgeous. :D

  3. Lots of nice items! I have bought a top in White Stuff recently but daren't shop anymore!x

  4. Wow! Thats a new wardrobe altogether! I also love Mango! I have similar leopard prints shos, but in pumps! Love the bow belt ;)

  5. Lovely haul. I have a couple of dresses that suffer from static terribly! X

  6. Lots of lovely things - I am supposed to be off to Manchester to shop with my sisters at the weekend, but I've ordered so much in the past week or so that I don't think there's anything more I need!

  7. You have been busy!! I love the Mango dress, i imagine it would be gorgeous in red too and fab with dark hair x


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