Sunday, 27 October 2013

Swindon Haul - TK Maxx, New Look, Primark and Peacocks

Hiya everyone :) 

Last weekend I had Friday off work and I went to Swindon to stay with my closest friend for the night.  She booked us in for a Spa afternoon which was fab and afterwards we went back to her house got dolled up and headed out to an italian restaurant for some lovely food.  We decided at the last minute to go to the cinema after and ended up watching Sunshine on Leith...I really loved this film. 

Then on Saturday after my friend cooked a lovely breakfast we headed into town to do enjoy some retail therapy.  My friend said she would not be spending a lot...however whenever she goes shopping with me she always spends loads...must be my bad influence!! 

I spent around £100, which is  a lot for me in one shopping trip but oh well I work for my money.

Firstly my most favourite buy for a really long time were these Taupe Suede Leather boots from TK Maxx. they wee £49.99 but they fit and look fabulous.  They were originally £82 and they are just worth every penny of almost £50.  I love how they fit on my legs too they just fit perfectly and are not too wide on the calf like a lot of boots.  I love these so much!  

In New Look I made a rather impromptu buy and purchased this quilted jacket.  I have to admit I am rather put off by these jackets for the simple reason that everyone is wearing them, however this one is a really nice fit.  Its very flattering.  I am still not 100% though so I may take it back as its a waste of money if you are not 100% sure! Plus they do remind me of Puffa jackets which I absolutely hate with a passion!

In Primark I bought quite a lot of black things...very unusual for me!

Cream crochet collar black jumper, believe it or not this is a size 6!!! I am a size 12 with a 34F chest and no way would I fit into a size 6 jumper....I don't know how they get their sizing. This is stunning I wore this the other day with black denim jeggings and its just so versatile.

Cable knitted mini skirt, this is really versatile I also wanted it in cream but it had sold out!

Black pencil skirt which I thought was ideal for work 

and I got these cable knit the look of these.

and a hair friend uses these and said they are fab.  Instead of using a towel to wrap your hair after you have washed it you place your hair inside it wrap it around and it has a loop and a button so you can tie it together and it stops your hair from falling out of the towel.   You can buy these in Primark for £1.50.

Finally in Peacocks I purchased this berry coloured butterfly purse.  This was only £7.  I had my eye on one in Accessorize which was very similar but it was £16.00.  I cannot get over how nice this is and the quality is amazing especially for 7 quid!

Oh well Ollie looks rather unimpressed by my haul doesn't he?

I am sorry I have not been blogging as much but I am working now and I am so tired I will try and do some outfit posts soon.

Thank you


Monday, 21 October 2013

Lets call a rather big haul!

Hello everyone

Well I have had a lovely couple of days in Swindon with my best friend but I shall blog about this in my next post as I just wanted to show you my haul from a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately these photos were taken with my old camera so they still have the black marks.  I do have a new one (which I did not pay a penny for :) extended warranty is a good things sometimes!

I shall start off in Mango where I bought this gorgeous cream knitted dress.

I adore this dress I wanted it in red too as I have a thing about wanting a red knitted dress for winter.  I think they are super stylish and cosy and this dress is just so flattering, its really thick and stretchy too.  The quality is lovely and I do love Mango :) 

In New Look I purchased 2 dresses... plus some shoes, a belt and earrings!

First dress is this floral wrap dress. I love this dress,  again its very flattering on me the only thing I am not keen on is it sticks to my tights a bit...needs a slip underneath and some static spray.

I also purchased this rather 'summery' looking Skater Dress. I love the pattern on this.

Then I purchased these cute leopard print pumps, I have been after some of these for a while but I never seemed to be able to find ones I really liked s I have seen quite a few with round toes...yuck and stupid gold bars on them...yuckety yuck.  I prefer the pointed toe as I think they are more elegant so I love these.

and I also got these earrings in the sale, they were half price.

And this Nude Bow Belt  

In H&M I purchased two tops 

This pink lace edged vest top, was a bit steep for a basic top as it was £5.99 but its lovely material and stretchy.

Cream Lace Top

I bought some really nice things in Swindon which I shall blog about later in the week. 

Take care


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Asos Order

Hello lovely followers

Sorry about the long time away from the blog but I just needed a bit of time out this past week.  I have been so tired of late and I just have a lot going on at the moment.

I am planning on a holding a giveaway around my birthday in November....yay.  Will let you know more later in the month. :) 

Over the past couple of weeks I have made quite a few purchases in which I will do a haul post but as my camera is not well at the moment (purchasing a new one next week!) unfortunately I cannot show you my buys just yet.  :(  

In the meantime I ordered this dress from the ASOS sale

I really hope its nice as I love it and wanted it for a special occasion.

I am so tempted to order this one too from Boohoo, just in case the other one is no good. I am just unsure of whether its going to be obscenely short as Boohoo dresses are usually miniscule! 

I also ordered a Barry M polish in Berry Ice Cream, I love this colour.

Oh well buy for now but 'I will be back' Arnie says!

Take care


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Winter Knitwear haul

Hiya lovelies

Looking through my wardrobe I realise I have tonnes of dresses and quite a few cardigans and skirts but one thing my wardrobe lacks is jumpers.  I actually have about 3 jumpers, 2 of those are Primark ones that are looking a bit tatty and a lovely Mango one. 

I am loving New Look's knitwear and purchased a few jumpers the other day. Please excuse the photos I really have to get my camera sorted I don't know why it has these horrible black marks!! So annoying 

Fox Print Knitted top

just how cute is this, I love it :) I wore this on Saturday with my denim mini skirt tights and boots.  

Pink Lace Back Jumper

I adore this its gorgeous, the colour is lovely, its warm and fits nice and I love the lace back too.

Cream Lace Embossed Pointelle Jumper 

Another warm and pretty jumper which is so versatile.  

I also purchased these Cat Print PJ Legging bottoms from Primark.  I am loving the PJ leggings as they are so comfy and warm I have another pair in pink with little flowers on.

I also popped into Wilkinsons to buy some Tippex of all things, well I could not find Tippex anywhere but I saw this cute little tea tray.  I love to take hot drinks to bed so I thought this little tray was so cute and only £2.00.

What do you think of New Look knitwear?

Take care