Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blackpool weekend and an outfit

Hello everyone

On Friday we went to Blackpool for the weekend to visit my parents and my sister and her family.

I wore this dress to travel in....big mistake! It poured it down with rain so I looked rather silly in a floaty cream dress.  Its from H&M and has a lace effect top and floaty bottom, I think its a pretty dress though.

We had a great time, I did not want to come back to be honest!

I spent time with my dad which was great he is looking really well, the doctor said he is one tough cookie as he seems to be recovering well.

My parents actually live on the outskirts of Blackpool so its not actually classed as Blackpool.  I went shopping with my sister, we always end up going to charity shops usually in Cleveleys which is closer to where my parents live.  I love Cleveleys it has a main street with loads of cafes (which we frequented and I enjoyed many a chocolate milkshake) and shops and lots of charity shops plus it has a B&M bargains...another shop I love.  The charity shops in Cleveleys are a lot cheaper than Bristol and I bought 3 dresses for a fiver which I shall tell you about in a separate post.

We also a visited a place called Freeport which is like a retail shopping outlet place in Fleetwood, which again is a separate town outside Blackpool.  I do like Freeport there is not many great shops there but it has a harbour and is quite relaxing.  They have the usual M&S outlet, Next Clearance and various other shops plus a childrens play area and many cafes.  

I bought a couple of dresses from Next Clearance, a shop I never usually go in but I have to say they had some lovely clothes in this store.  I shall show you these in a separate post.

On Saturday night we went out for a meal and then had a stroll along Blackpool prom to see the famous Blackpool Illuminations, here are some photos I took, I am surprised they came out so well.

I like this one its from the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffett.

Swan Lake

This one was great but did not come out too well

  Lit up tram 

Haunted hotel 

Well we had a lovely weekend and I was so sad to come home but we will be back at Christmas though :) 

Take care




  1. I've never been to Blackpool or that part of the world but your pictures make it look gorgeous! that dress is really pretty. x

  2. I drove through Blackpool and Cleveleys on my way back from the Lake District a couple of months ago, but I'd love to go again when the illuminations are lit and see those.

  3. I've never seen the illuminations but they look great! x

  4. Freeport reminds me of an outlet in Protsmouth, just right by the sea and the marina! The dress is cute, but indeed with the rain must have been a nightmare!

  5. So jealous! We've been wanting to go to the Blackpool Illuminations for ages but it costs so much to get there by train from here. I'm thinking maybe next year we hire a car and go!

  6. We went a couple of weeks back to the illuminations and a day out in Blackpool - we too have family that live there :)
    Cute dress x


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