Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blackpool Haul - Charity shops and Outlet shops


 Following on from my Blackpool weekend I thought I would share my bargain haul with you.

In Cleveleys they have a fabulous Oxfam charity shop where all their dresses are just £1.99....I don't know of any other charity shops that are this cheap so whenever I go to visit my parents I have to visit this shop as I always end up buying something.  Last time I got a brand new Oasis knitted dress for just £1.99!

Firstly I got this Miss Selfridge Black Tea Dress which has a small ruffle by the bust.  I remember seeing this in store and it was about £35 and I really loved it as the fit is really nice.  This will be ideal for work such a great bargain.

In the close up photo it looks faded but its just the flash.

 I got this Tenki cream lace dress, Tenki dresses are usually sold in New Look and retail at between £20-£30.  This is rather short but I think its gorgeous and I will wear it with leggings or jeggings.

I love the edging around the bottom.

I got this dress which was on the sale rail for Just 99p, its AX Paris (again another concession in New Look).  I love this dress, its rather summery so maybe something for next summer but I love the tie straps and the ruffle along the bust and bottom.

Then in Freeport which is a shopping outlet in Fleetwood I purchased this Drop waist dress in Next Clearance.  I hardly ever go in Next but so glad I went into this store.  This dress is stunning I love the detail, i will wear this with tights/leggings. Please excuse the black marks on the photos, my camera is rubbish I have not had it that long but it has suddenly developed these black marks!

I wish the charity shops in Bristol were this good.  I popped into St Peters Hospice the other day and they wanted £8.00 for a dress!!

What do you think of my haul?



  1. Most branches of Banardos sell everything for £1.99 these days, too. I always come out with something!
    Fab buys! x

  2. Oh that pearl collar detail is so pretty!

  3. That cream dress with the pearl collar is lovely! It will be really nice with jeggings and some pumps x


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