Monday, 30 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

I saw this on  Rachel's blog   and thought I would have a go.  

Favourite thing about Autumn?
Definitely the cooler nights and I love seeing the leaves turn red and falling off the trees.  I like autumn probably also because my birthday is in November :) 

Favourite Drink
Well as its getting colder it has to be hot chocolate....yummy. 

Favourite Scent/Candle
I hate strong scents I am more into subtle or fruity scents.  

Best Lipstick
I am loving Beauty UK Chelsea and Son of A Peach, they are cheap but give a lovely colour and texture. 

Go to Moisturiser
I like Superdrug Vitamin E cream or Oil of Olay.  

Go to colour for eyes
I love smokey eyes like greys/silvers and browns and golds.  

Favourite music to listen to
I like all types of music so that is a hard one!  Probably a bit of The Script, mixed with The Fray and Goo Goo Dolls and of course Snow Patrol.

Favourite outfit
I actually prefer autumn/winter clothing as I love to wear fake fur and nice fitted coats.  My usual outfits are dress with tights and boots.  I also love wearing skinny jeans and jumpers with scarves.

Autumn treat
Well its my birthday in November so I am a Autumn baby. I have a few treats lined up.  Firstly my gorgeous friend has booked us a spa day for my birthday.  Mike has booked us a week away in Devon and I am also going on a girlie weekend to Birmingham....spoilt much! :) 

Favourite place to be
I like to be on the sofa with Mike, a mug of hot chocolate with Ollie curled up beside us.

I tag anyone who wants to do this but let me know if you do so I can read your answers!

Also look out for my haul posts soon as I have a couple coming up :) 

Thanks for reading



Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beauty UK Cosmetics - including NOTD :)

Hiya everyone

Whilst in Superdrug the other day I discovered a new 'very inexpensive' make up brand that is not tested on animals.

I bought these two products and I must say I was really impressed. 

The lipstick is called 'Chelsea' I love the colour its like a very light caramel peach.  On its own its very pale but I mix it with another coral/pink lipstick and I get my perfect colour.  I love the consistency of this lipstick.

  I think the lipsticks retail at £2.99 which is really good.

At the time I bought the lipstick Superdrug had an offer on to buy one and get on item half price so I purchased this nail varnish, its just called 'Pink' and it reminds me of Barry M Strawberry ice cream but maybe a tad paler.

This is with two coats, its very girly and pretty,  I love pink polish so its ideal for me.

 I think the varnishes retail at £2.00 so I got this for a £1.00.

I will definitely be purchasing more from this range I saw another lipstick I may try called 'Son of a Peach'....has anyone else tried this?


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ebay Bargain Boots x 2


I had a couple of good buys on Ebay over the past couple of weeks which I wanted to share with you.

Basically as you know I love my tan boots......and I always want more boots,  I don't think I can ever have enough haha

I saw these boots on Ebay for £15.00 with free delivery, they were brand new in the box.  I would not have spent £15 on them, however Ebay sent me a £10 off voucher when you spend £15 or over so I got these for a fiver.  A bargain I think as I really love these boots. Of course they are not real suede but they look great.  i think the actual photo does not do them justice.

Then I saw these Primark boots for £10 with free postage.  These are brand new with the tags attached and were originally £20.00 (how Primark prices have increased!!).  Another pair of fab boots for winter.  Don't get me wrong £20 for boots is not bad but when you are used to paying less at Primark it seems a lot more.
They may not be leather but I have bought Primark boots before and they have lasted me ages. I love these they look really nice.

My camera is really annoying me as I have those black marks appearing again!  

I have a haul post coming up very soon,  mainly New Look and Primark. I am loving new Look I think its fabulous and a lot better than Primark, which in my opinion has gone downhill of late. :( 

Anyway I must go as Ollie is sat by my feet looking rather annoyed at me as I am ignoring him.  Oh well I think I had better go and see to his majesty as I affectionately call him.  

Take care

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bitchiness in blogland

Personally I hate bitchiness of any kind but especially in the blogging world.

At the end of the day we all like our own thing and I always think if you don't like it then don't bother to read it!  I have seen comments left by bloggers on other people's blogs saying ridiculous things like 'oh yeah and I am sick of those endless wishlists people put on their blogs'! Well sorry if you don't like wishlists then don't read that persons blog...simples!!  And another one, 'I am sick of those bloggers who put endless photos of their new purchases on their blog', again don't bother following that blog if that's how you feel and also understand that some bloggers like showing off their recent buys for themselves,  its like a diary you can look back on.  My blog is like a diary and I love clothes so that's why I like to blog about clothes.

I hate the fact that people think they know me and judge me by what I write on my blog, in fact they have never even met me and so how can they know what sort of person I am!

Well I am going to continue to write what I want on my blog and if that is hauls and wishlists then so be it.

I love blogging and I love talking about clothes and showing my hauls and sharing my wishlists.  I always think each to their own and I don't moan and bitch about other people's blog I just let them be as they want. 

 Thanks so much for following me and for leaving me lovely comments I really enjoy reading them.

Oh also I love reading other people's wishlists and seeing their hauls. 

I have another haul coming up soon too ha ha


Monday, 23 September 2013

Currently loving: New Look knitwear


With the autumn/winter season upon us I have been looking through my wardrobe and I realised I need some new knitwear, especially jumpers.

I an in love with all these items from New Look and have already ordered the Fox print jumper and the Squirrel one.  

Cream Fox Print Lightweight Knit Top

Cream Squirrel Print Knit Sweater

Which are your favourites?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blackpool Haul - Charity shops and Outlet shops


 Following on from my Blackpool weekend I thought I would share my bargain haul with you.

In Cleveleys they have a fabulous Oxfam charity shop where all their dresses are just £1.99....I don't know of any other charity shops that are this cheap so whenever I go to visit my parents I have to visit this shop as I always end up buying something.  Last time I got a brand new Oasis knitted dress for just £1.99!

Firstly I got this Miss Selfridge Black Tea Dress which has a small ruffle by the bust.  I remember seeing this in store and it was about £35 and I really loved it as the fit is really nice.  This will be ideal for work such a great bargain.

In the close up photo it looks faded but its just the flash.

 I got this Tenki cream lace dress, Tenki dresses are usually sold in New Look and retail at between £20-£30.  This is rather short but I think its gorgeous and I will wear it with leggings or jeggings.

I love the edging around the bottom.

I got this dress which was on the sale rail for Just 99p, its AX Paris (again another concession in New Look).  I love this dress, its rather summery so maybe something for next summer but I love the tie straps and the ruffle along the bust and bottom.

Then in Freeport which is a shopping outlet in Fleetwood I purchased this Drop waist dress in Next Clearance.  I hardly ever go in Next but so glad I went into this store.  This dress is stunning I love the detail, i will wear this with tights/leggings. Please excuse the black marks on the photos, my camera is rubbish I have not had it that long but it has suddenly developed these black marks!

I wish the charity shops in Bristol were this good.  I popped into St Peters Hospice the other day and they wanted £8.00 for a dress!!

What do you think of my haul?


Thursday, 19 September 2013

My winning Yumi Dress :)


Last week on the Yumi facebook page they picked 10 people to win a Yumi dress of their choice.  I could not believe I was chosen as one of the 10.  There are a few dresses on there I love but ultimately this was the dress I really wanted.  Yumi dresses are such great quality and fit.

Yumi Forest Silhouette Dress

They had it in blue or purple, the blue was my favourite but it had sold out in my size so I chose the purple.  It arrived the very next day and its stunning.  In a way I am glad I got the purple as I don't have much purple in my wardrobe.  Its a gorgeous thick material and it fits like a dream, it has a sort of a-line style so is very flattering.   You can tell its great quality too and I also love the long sheer sleeves too.

This is the dress blue.

I am over the moon with my win,  such a fabulous dress cannot wait for it to get colder so I can wear it.  Thankyou Yumi :) 

What do you think?


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blackpool weekend and an outfit

Hello everyone

On Friday we went to Blackpool for the weekend to visit my parents and my sister and her family.

I wore this dress to travel in....big mistake! It poured it down with rain so I looked rather silly in a floaty cream dress.  Its from H&M and has a lace effect top and floaty bottom, I think its a pretty dress though.

We had a great time, I did not want to come back to be honest!

I spent time with my dad which was great he is looking really well, the doctor said he is one tough cookie as he seems to be recovering well.

My parents actually live on the outskirts of Blackpool so its not actually classed as Blackpool.  I went shopping with my sister, we always end up going to charity shops usually in Cleveleys which is closer to where my parents live.  I love Cleveleys it has a main street with loads of cafes (which we frequented and I enjoyed many a chocolate milkshake) and shops and lots of charity shops plus it has a B&M bargains...another shop I love.  The charity shops in Cleveleys are a lot cheaper than Bristol and I bought 3 dresses for a fiver which I shall tell you about in a separate post.

We also a visited a place called Freeport which is like a retail shopping outlet place in Fleetwood, which again is a separate town outside Blackpool.  I do like Freeport there is not many great shops there but it has a harbour and is quite relaxing.  They have the usual M&S outlet, Next Clearance and various other shops plus a childrens play area and many cafes.  

I bought a couple of dresses from Next Clearance, a shop I never usually go in but I have to say they had some lovely clothes in this store.  I shall show you these in a separate post.

On Saturday night we went out for a meal and then had a stroll along Blackpool prom to see the famous Blackpool Illuminations, here are some photos I took, I am surprised they came out so well.

I like this one its from the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffett.

Swan Lake

This one was great but did not come out too well

  Lit up tram 

Haunted hotel 

Well we had a lovely weekend and I was so sad to come home but we will be back at Christmas though :) 

Take care