Friday, 16 August 2013

Purple Shoes and other purchases :)

Hello everyone

I had the day off today and I popped into town as I has an appointment.

Whilst I was there I could not resist a cheeky look in Primark and I saw these gorgeous purple shoes, I love these and at only £5.00 they are fabulous.  They look really good quality like a faux suede material,  the colour is called Grape, its like a rich purple.

I also purchased this tan bow belt,  I think the bow part is just so pretty its sort of gold and sparkly.

In the homeware section I purchased these white led lights.  I wanted some of these for the bedroom as I think they are very shabby chic,  its lucky Mike does not mind me having the bedroom so girly!!  When I got home I realised they are battery operated and they don't actually come with the batteries...but for £3.00 what can you expect.
I will let you know what they are like once I get some batteries...ha ha :) 

I also popped into New Look as I had to take something back.  To be honest I was not overly impressed with what they had maybe its because its nearing a change over of seasons and they had loads of rubbish sale items that nobody wants!  

I did purchase these gorgeous little bow hair clips.  I saw these last time I was in New Look and meant to get them and in a rush forgot so I was glad I managed to get them today as they were the last pair left.

I was so naughty on the way home as I was starving so I popped into Greggs, I love Greggs :) 
I bought a cheese and onion pasty...eek....very calorific and this gorgeous cake called 'Toffee Crunch' was really yummy.  Well a day off the diet now and again is ok!!! :) 

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Those shoes are goegeous! I love the colour. Bargainous lights too x

  2. Those shoes are so pretty. I want to get some lights for the bedroom so may try Primark.
    I had the toffee crunch the other day, it was nice but no where near as nice as their new Rocky Road, you must try that next time you have a naughty day! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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