Thursday, 29 August 2013

Outfit Post - Floral fancy

Dress - (ASOS) at Everything 5 
Beige shoes Boots - BHS


Sorry for the lack posts so much has been going on, basically I lost my job last week!  Luckily I have another job lined up which I don't start until the end of September, therefore I have a few weeks off to be a lady of leisure...which I could so easily get used to!

Just to keep you updated for those that are interested, my dad is now out of hospital and is continuing to improve.  His speech is getting a lot better and he sees to be getting back to his old self more and more which is brilliant :) because when I saw him in intensive care in a coma we did not even know if he would survive but my dad has always been a battler.

Also over the past couple of weeks I have been on a strict diet, I have cut out all the junk food and already my clothes are fitting better and I feel better.  I am convinced I can carry this on now and get back to a size 10 which is my aim. 

I just wanted to do a quick outfit post with one of my most recent buys, this dress was from Everything 5, I actually ordered 4 dresses from them and they are all fantastic.  I will do a post very soon with my haul :) Two of the dresses are from ASOS, they came in the ASOS bag and had the labels.
They retailed at around £30 each on ASOS so these were brilliant bargains.

They do have some tack on there but there are also a few gems.

Take care



  1. That dress looks amazing on you. I love that site for a browse x

  2. Great news about your Dad, what a relief that must be.
    That dress fits you really well. x

  3. I must have missed the news about your Dad - I'm sorry! I'm glad he is on the mend and really improving. Your dress is very pretty x

  4. I'm so glad about your dad. Enjoy having a few weeks off, hopefully you'll have some nice weather while you're off.

    Your boobs look awesome here btw! x


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