Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holiday Outfit - Ditsy Playsuit aka Betty Grable!!


I am going to try and post some of my holiday outfits as I meant to do this a while ago..I am a nightmare with getting around to doing things so I am sorry. 

***double click photo to enlarge***

Ditsy playsuit - H&M
Tan Plaited Belt - H&M
Tan peep toe sandals - Primark

This was a few days into the holiday so I am feeling rather bloated as I had ate loads!!!  I was a bit apprehensive about wearing a playsuit but I have always liked my legs as I think they are my best feature.  I have flat sandals on here but I think heels make your legs look even better!
It was funny though because I was feeling like I looked huge and then I went to breakfast and Mike's dad said here comes 'Betty Grable' I had heard of her but  I had to google her and she is a famous pin up girl from the 1950's who was famous for having amazing legs.  To say I was flattered was an understatement.  

Some photos of the gorgeous Betty Grable, if only I looked as nice as her!  Women in the 1950's were so glamorous.

I suppose I don't look too bad for a 40 year old!!!  I do compare myself sometimes do women who are in their 20's and then I have to stop and think oh yeah I am never going to be that age again, but I honestly feel that you can look good at any age and you can wear what you like at any age! 

I had a lovely compliment from a girl in work this week who could not believe I was 40,  she said you don't have one wrinkle...ha ha I suppose I do act younger and have always taken care of myself I think that definitely helps.

Well its back to the healthy eating now as I definitely need to lose a few pounds.  Luckily I have lost some since coming home but there are always more to lose unfortunately. 



  1. I was going to say.. your legs do look fab :) xx

  2. That's a fabulous playsuit, it looks great on you and shows your lovely legs off a treat.
    I hate it when people say I don't look my age, it makes being in your 40s sound like your some kind of antique! xxx

  3. aw Lisa, you look awesome in your playsuit! x

  4. I love playsuits! But I've never came across one that suits me :(

  5. Awwwwwwww you look gorgeous silly!

    I LOVE seeing people's holiday outfit posts so make sure you do some more.

    I go on holiday in 4 weeks and am planning on being teeny tiny before I go just so I don't suffer from the holiday weight gain! Don't really want to have 7lbs to shift when I get back :s

  6. I love play suits and this is the most beautiful print


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