Thursday, 22 August 2013

Boot-a-holic bargain

Hiya everyone

I love autumn/winter clothing more than summer clothing as I feel more stylish in a lovely fitted coat or a fake fur and some boots.

I don't know if you ever used the Tesco Clubcard Exchange ( now called Clubcard Boost) where you can double your Clubcard points so basically if you exchange £10 in vouchers you get £20 to spend on things like clothing, homeware etc.   I personally think its a good deal and so I decided to take advantage of this offer as there was some boots on the Tesco website I really liked.  In the process I ended up getting a shirt for work as well all for just £10 of vouchers.

I made my order on Wednesday evening and I had an email to say it was available to pickup from store on Friday....I think that's really quick.  I popped along to Tesco Saturday morning to collect it as we usually do our weekly shopping there.

 I got these black ankle/shoe boots, they also have these in grey but do you know I only have one pair of black heels and do not have any black boots!  All my boots are either tan or brown.  I love these they are really comfy, look stylish and the heel is not too high just a nice height for me. 

I cannot wait for the weather to get colder now so I can wear them....I admit I have had enough of the heat :(

Anyway because the boots were £15.00 I had to use the spare fiver left and so therefore I bought this Peplum Shirt in sale, which was a fiver.

Its a fabulous shirt and really nice for work.

I will be taking a look at Tesco clothing again as I actually l did not realise the quality would be as good as it was for the price. 

Have you ever used Clubcard Boost???



  1. I love the shape of the heel on these boots! I've used Clubcard Boost before, when it was still the Exchange. I got a microwave and a new kettle - ohhhh how very exciting!

  2. Since a large Tesco store opened just down the road from me I have been buying more things from there and the website as I can get click and collect. I've quite a few lovely dresses from there now. Things often ended up really cheap when they go in the can be such an advantage but not so good when you've bought an item only to see it for sale for a quarter of the price a week or two later. Xx

  3. I'm a huge fan of tesco's and sainsbury's clothes; supermarket chic all the way for me! Love the boots!


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