Thursday, 29 August 2013

Outfit Post - Floral fancy

Dress - (ASOS) at Everything 5 
Beige shoes Boots - BHS


Sorry for the lack posts so much has been going on, basically I lost my job last week!  Luckily I have another job lined up which I don't start until the end of September, therefore I have a few weeks off to be a lady of leisure...which I could so easily get used to!

Just to keep you updated for those that are interested, my dad is now out of hospital and is continuing to improve.  His speech is getting a lot better and he sees to be getting back to his old self more and more which is brilliant :) because when I saw him in intensive care in a coma we did not even know if he would survive but my dad has always been a battler.

Also over the past couple of weeks I have been on a strict diet, I have cut out all the junk food and already my clothes are fitting better and I feel better.  I am convinced I can carry this on now and get back to a size 10 which is my aim. 

I just wanted to do a quick outfit post with one of my most recent buys, this dress was from Everything 5, I actually ordered 4 dresses from them and they are all fantastic.  I will do a post very soon with my haul :) Two of the dresses are from ASOS, they came in the ASOS bag and had the labels.
They retailed at around £30 each on ASOS so these were brilliant bargains.

They do have some tack on there but there are also a few gems.

Take care


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Boot-a-holic bargain

Hiya everyone

I love autumn/winter clothing more than summer clothing as I feel more stylish in a lovely fitted coat or a fake fur and some boots.

I don't know if you ever used the Tesco Clubcard Exchange ( now called Clubcard Boost) where you can double your Clubcard points so basically if you exchange £10 in vouchers you get £20 to spend on things like clothing, homeware etc.   I personally think its a good deal and so I decided to take advantage of this offer as there was some boots on the Tesco website I really liked.  In the process I ended up getting a shirt for work as well all for just £10 of vouchers.

I made my order on Wednesday evening and I had an email to say it was available to pickup from store on Friday....I think that's really quick.  I popped along to Tesco Saturday morning to collect it as we usually do our weekly shopping there.

 I got these black ankle/shoe boots, they also have these in grey but do you know I only have one pair of black heels and do not have any black boots!  All my boots are either tan or brown.  I love these they are really comfy, look stylish and the heel is not too high just a nice height for me. 

I cannot wait for the weather to get colder now so I can wear them....I admit I have had enough of the heat :(

Anyway because the boots were £15.00 I had to use the spare fiver left and so therefore I bought this Peplum Shirt in sale, which was a fiver.

Its a fabulous shirt and really nice for work.

I will be taking a look at Tesco clothing again as I actually l did not realise the quality would be as good as it was for the price. 

Have you ever used Clubcard Boost???


Monday, 19 August 2013

Outfit Post - Lace up


Following on from my previous post this was my outfit when I popped into town last Friday.

White Lace Dress - H&M
Coral Cardigan - Forever 21
Cream floral belt - New Look
Tan Leather peep toe heels - New Look

I absolutely adore this dress it was only £12.99 in H&M and its just so pretty, I especially love the edging along the bottom.  I wore a vest top underneath it as I am rather large chested and without it I think there may have been too much flesh on display for a Friday morning !

The shoes were a bargain too they are real leather and I got them for £7.00 in the New Look sale a couple of years ago.  I love the lace up design on them.

What do you think of my outfit?

Take care


Friday, 16 August 2013

Purple Shoes and other purchases :)

Hello everyone

I had the day off today and I popped into town as I has an appointment.

Whilst I was there I could not resist a cheeky look in Primark and I saw these gorgeous purple shoes, I love these and at only £5.00 they are fabulous.  They look really good quality like a faux suede material,  the colour is called Grape, its like a rich purple.

I also purchased this tan bow belt,  I think the bow part is just so pretty its sort of gold and sparkly.

In the homeware section I purchased these white led lights.  I wanted some of these for the bedroom as I think they are very shabby chic,  its lucky Mike does not mind me having the bedroom so girly!!  When I got home I realised they are battery operated and they don't actually come with the batteries...but for £3.00 what can you expect.
I will let you know what they are like once I get some batteries...ha ha :) 

I also popped into New Look as I had to take something back.  To be honest I was not overly impressed with what they had maybe its because its nearing a change over of seasons and they had loads of rubbish sale items that nobody wants!  

I did purchase these gorgeous little bow hair clips.  I saw these last time I was in New Look and meant to get them and in a rush forgot so I was glad I managed to get them today as they were the last pair left.

I was so naughty on the way home as I was starving so I popped into Greggs, I love Greggs :) 
I bought a cheese and onion pasty...eek....very calorific and this gorgeous cake called 'Toffee Crunch' was really yummy.  Well a day off the diet now and again is ok!!! :) 

Have a lovely weekend


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holiday Outfit - Ditsy Playsuit aka Betty Grable!!


I am going to try and post some of my holiday outfits as I meant to do this a while ago..I am a nightmare with getting around to doing things so I am sorry. 

***double click photo to enlarge***

Ditsy playsuit - H&M
Tan Plaited Belt - H&M
Tan peep toe sandals - Primark

This was a few days into the holiday so I am feeling rather bloated as I had ate loads!!!  I was a bit apprehensive about wearing a playsuit but I have always liked my legs as I think they are my best feature.  I have flat sandals on here but I think heels make your legs look even better!
It was funny though because I was feeling like I looked huge and then I went to breakfast and Mike's dad said here comes 'Betty Grable' I had heard of her but  I had to google her and she is a famous pin up girl from the 1950's who was famous for having amazing legs.  To say I was flattered was an understatement.  

Some photos of the gorgeous Betty Grable, if only I looked as nice as her!  Women in the 1950's were so glamorous.

I suppose I don't look too bad for a 40 year old!!!  I do compare myself sometimes do women who are in their 20's and then I have to stop and think oh yeah I am never going to be that age again, but I honestly feel that you can look good at any age and you can wear what you like at any age! 

I had a lovely compliment from a girl in work this week who could not believe I was 40,  she said you don't have one wrinkle...ha ha I suppose I do act younger and have always taken care of myself I think that definitely helps.

Well its back to the healthy eating now as I definitely need to lose a few pounds.  Luckily I have lost some since coming home but there are always more to lose unfortunately. 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Big Bristol haul - Primark, New Look, H&M & Matalan


Last weekend my friend came to Bristol  and we did the usual shopping, eating and gossiping.... :)

These were my buys, please excuse the black marks on my photos I am having problems with my camera again! 


Cute polka dot black pumps, I hate black pumps but these are so cute with the white polka dots and only £4.00!

I bought this coat for only £13.00, when these first came in fashion I was not a fan but they have grown on me and this one fits me really well.  I love the fact that its longer at the front and sort of curves around, it makes your figure look good.  The fake fur is detachable too.  Its odd buying a winter jacket when its boiling hot outside though!

Butterfly print collared top -  I wore this in a previous outfit post with a black skirt.  Its also nice worn with black skinny jeans.

and this peach/creamy cardigan only £6.00.  

**New Look**

I purchased this rather gorgeous floral lace back cardigan, I have a similar cardigan in pink and I am a massive cardigan fan I just think this is so pretty.

On the sale rail I picked up this Navy Polka Dot Dress, there was only one left and it happened to be a size 12....bonus.  Its really cute and flattering and I love the cut of the sleeves and the fit.

and these earrings were in the sale too and half price.


I bought a plain black longline vest top, I don't think you can beat H&M for their basic tops.  I also purchased this polka dot black bodycon style dress.  I used the website photo as my photo did not do it justice! 


Finally in Matalan I purchased these nude heels for only £6.00.  Again  these were the last ones left and happened to be a size 4 and fit me! 

What do you think of my buys?



Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bootiful car booty!


I have finally got around to doing this post.

As you know I love shopping but I particularly love Car Boots and Charity shops, basically because you never know what you are going to find which makes it more exciting.

I went to 3 car boot sales a couple of Saturdays ago, unusual for me as I have not been to a car boot sale in ages but I have decided I am going to start going a lot more.  I did not expect much and to be honest I did not buy that much but its really given me an bit appetite for them in the future.  

These were my purchases:

Next Tan bomber jacket, this looks brand new and I love the floral lining - £2.00

Also these 2 dresses were 50p each, the first one is only Primark.  I remember I wanted this in store and they never had my size.  The second is Dorothy Perkins cute little bow print dress.

Florence & Fred Tan Cowboy Boots for £2.00.

I love these it looks like they have never been worn! 

I also bought this bin for the bedroom.  I know it would not be to everyone's taste but I love it, its very shabby chic and girly and it was like new...not one single mark on it and only £1.00.

Well those are my buys buy I will be attending more in the future.

Take care


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Outfit Post - Workwear


I know I am going to try and post some more outfit posts and I quickly had time to take a photo of what I wore to work yesterday.

Butterfly collar top - Primark (from my latest haul coming up soon!)

Peplum Pencil Skirt  George at Asda

Nude Heels - George at Asda

Cardigan - H&M.

Take care