Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My charity Shop & ebay bargains

Hello everyone

Well my holiday seems like a distant dream now....and its back to reality!!!

I have been meaning to do this post for ages but have not got around to it.  Over the past month I have got some great bargains via charity shops and ebay so I thought I would share these with you all.

Its funny but most of my purchases are winter items and its weird buying them when its absolutely boiling outside!   I suppose you get bargains when you see them and some of these items will be perfect for when the weather is colder. 

Firstly I got this H&M cream knitted dress from ebay for 99p  This was brand new with the tags still attached.  I love this dress it will look fab with my tan boots in winter.

I also got this Oasis black knitted dress for £2.99 from the Oxfam shop.  I could not believe my luck with this dress as this retailed at around £50.00 in Oasis and it looks like brand new.  It says XS on the label but Its more of a 10-12.  This is such fabulous quality. 

Then in St Peters Hospice I got this Next knitted dress for £3.00 (they were selling it for £10) but it was reduced to £3.00 in the sale....!  I love this, I remember seeing it on the Next website and loved it but would not have spent £30 on it.  It has been worn a few times but in great condition and its very flattering.  This will be great for work.

Well that's some of my winter wardrobe the middle of the biggest heatwave! ha ha.

Also I got this Teal floral dress which is Influence at New Look for 99p on ebay.  This is a cute dress and it was brand new with tags. I am not sure whether I am going to keep this though as I think it flares on the hips too much for me! 

I also bought this New Look Belted red shirt for £2.00 from the sale basket in St Peters Hospice.  This is lovely, the colour looks dull in this photo but its actually a lovely bright red.  It will be ideal for work with a nice pencil skirt.

I also found this ditsy floral tea dress from the sale rail of my local charity shop for £2.00, its by Florence and Fred at Tesco.  This is rather short to wear with bare legs (in the UK anyway) but I was thinking this would be nice with thick tights in winter and a cardigan.  God my tan has faded so much on my arms... :(  Might have to get the fake tan out ha ha!

Lastly I picked up this daisy picture frame for £1.50 also from my local charity shop.  This is lovely for our bedroom I just could not resist its so cute.

I love going into a charity shop because you just don't know what you are going to find...its actually better than shopping in normal shops in a lot of ways.

Anyway what do you think of my bargains?



  1. I love charity shops and garage sales! You got yourself great bargains there :)

  2. I want to steal that Daisy frame! x

  3. Ha! I often thrift for things during the "wrong" season. You get the best stuff then!

  4. I am a frequent charity shopper and agree it's great going in, you never know what joys might be lurking! Great finds! x

  5. Great buys, that frame is so pretty! x

  6. Great finds! I love the next dress. I think the thrill of finding a great item in a charity shop is greater than any kind of high street shopping. I know what you mean about buying out of season things, at the weekend I picked up a River Island winter coat for £2 at a car boot sale.

  7. You have done well! I always buy my second hand stuff out of season as no-one else wants it, like those Bertie boots that cost £2 last week! x

  8. I love those first 2 dresses, so pretty!
    We had a charity shop trip this week, lots of new books for us :)


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