Sunday, 28 July 2013

Currently loving....

My latest New Look dress which I bought in the sale for £12.00, I love this dress its gorgeous I wore it yesterday when I met up with a friend.   

The photos of our holiday....such great memories and I particularly love this photo I am going to print it off and get it framed.

Ollie - he does make me laugh, here is is browsing Catbook :) 

yummy snacks - I am not eating all of this at once..ha ha but just a few of my favourite snacks.  I usually treat myself to just one snack a day!!! :) 

honeycomb club is just so yummy, its buttery, chocolatey and honeycomby....if there are such words!!! The caramel wagon wheels....yum and Chocolate Buttons ice cream!

Pepsi max, I drink far too much of this but is so much nicer than Coca Cola and I can taste the difference. Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Cadburys Chocolate Creations - oh my gosh more chocolate...this is my far my favourite chocolate bar!!  If you have not tried this you must! ;) 

Xen tan - definitely the best fake tan I have ever used...full stop.  I bought the Xen Tan Moroccan Tan in the mini version for only £3.99 and its brilliant so I am going to purchase the full size.

Car Boot sales - I am becoming a car boot addict, I keep scouring the net for car boot sales in my local area...I still have to get around to blogging about my latest booty buys!

Headbands - I bought these for 1 euro each in Zante, thats about 90p each.  They are so pretty.

Luther - oh my god I love this tv show but its scares me so much.  Those first two episodes with the man under the bed scene...oh my gosh so frightening....eek!

What do you think of these posts?  Do you think this would make a good regular post?



  1. I loved this post and think it would make a great regular feature.
    That photo of you two is gorgeous.
    I haven't been to a car boot sale yet this year, I need to find a Sunday when we aren't hungover so that we can go sell some junk! x

  2. I am addicted to that popping candy chocolate, so is the boy! xo

  3. Ah, car boot sales! I haven't managed to make it to any recently :( x

  4. Please do show usyour boot car sale loot! I love them!

  5. Boot sales, cats and Luther! Three of my favourite things, too! x

  6. Ahhh look at all that chocolate, yum!! I can't wait to see your carboot buys, i really should start going to them x

  7. OMG caramel wagon wheels? My other half would LOVE them, I'd best keep my eye out!

    We're addicted to the jelly popping chocolate bar as well, there's a huge bar sat in our fridge.

  8. Lovely dress!


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