Sunday, 28 July 2013

Currently loving....

My latest New Look dress which I bought in the sale for £12.00, I love this dress its gorgeous I wore it yesterday when I met up with a friend.   

The photos of our holiday....such great memories and I particularly love this photo I am going to print it off and get it framed.

Ollie - he does make me laugh, here is is browsing Catbook :) 

yummy snacks - I am not eating all of this at once..ha ha but just a few of my favourite snacks.  I usually treat myself to just one snack a day!!! :) 

honeycomb club is just so yummy, its buttery, chocolatey and honeycomby....if there are such words!!! The caramel wagon wheels....yum and Chocolate Buttons ice cream!

Pepsi max, I drink far too much of this but is so much nicer than Coca Cola and I can taste the difference. Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Cadburys Chocolate Creations - oh my gosh more chocolate...this is my far my favourite chocolate bar!!  If you have not tried this you must! ;) 

Xen tan - definitely the best fake tan I have ever used...full stop.  I bought the Xen Tan Moroccan Tan in the mini version for only £3.99 and its brilliant so I am going to purchase the full size.

Car Boot sales - I am becoming a car boot addict, I keep scouring the net for car boot sales in my local area...I still have to get around to blogging about my latest booty buys!

Headbands - I bought these for 1 euro each in Zante, thats about 90p each.  They are so pretty.

Luther - oh my god I love this tv show but its scares me so much.  Those first two episodes with the man under the bed scene...oh my gosh so frightening....eek!

What do you think of these posts?  Do you think this would make a good regular post?


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What am I currently reading?

I love reading and when I go on holidays,  I always like to take a few good books to read whilst I am relaxing on the beach or by the pool.  Just before I went on holiday I bought a brilliant book which I am halfway through at the moment and I had to tell you about it.

Its called A Street Cat named Bob and its by James Bowen.  Its actually a true story of of a drug addict (James) who lives hand to mouth on the streets of London.  James comes home one day and he finds an injured ginger cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation and takes the cat in and calls it Bob. 

He tells how Bob helped him to survive and how he also helped Bob survive.  I was a bit worried about reading this as our beloved ginger cat Tommy died last year and he had been a street cat. I thought it would be too upsetting but I am only halfway through at the moment and its a very heartwarming tale and a must for anyone that loves cats. 

Being that I am massive fan of ginger toms, we have had two, I could not resist adorable Bob on the front cover.  I just love pets that have human names too ...ha ha! 

Have you read this book?


Sunday, 21 July 2013

New Look Sale buys


I feel like I have not been shopping for ages but I did do a little online sale order from New Look last week.

These are my purchases:

Cream Floral Denim Shirt Dress - this was in the Petite section for only £12.00,.  I am 5ft 3in so I think the petite should be ok.  I like this fact that this looks quite vintage looking.

Polka dot top - £7.00 I love this its fab with skinny black jeans or a black pencil skirt.

Peter Pan Floral Top - only £6.00 

and I also bought a black sleeveless Skater Dress, I wanted this for work. This was full price but only £9.99.

 We went to 3 car boot sales yesterday which was fun, I did buy a couple of things! Then last night we went to a wedding, it was really gorgeous we had a brilliant night.


Friday, 19 July 2013

NOTD - Collection 2000 Watermelon

Hello everyone

I picked up this nail polish from Lloyds pharmacy, it was only £2.49 and I really love the colour.  Its like a pale coral pink, so not so bright as coral but a bit different to the usual pastel pinks! 

I also love the fact that its a gel polish, I find this polish really glides on well and it does not chip that easily.  I think for the price this polish is lovely.

You can make it look even brighter with 2 coats but I like the colour with one coat.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My charity Shop & ebay bargains

Hello everyone

Well my holiday seems like a distant dream now....and its back to reality!!!

I have been meaning to do this post for ages but have not got around to it.  Over the past month I have got some great bargains via charity shops and ebay so I thought I would share these with you all.

Its funny but most of my purchases are winter items and its weird buying them when its absolutely boiling outside!   I suppose you get bargains when you see them and some of these items will be perfect for when the weather is colder. 

Firstly I got this H&M cream knitted dress from ebay for 99p  This was brand new with the tags still attached.  I love this dress it will look fab with my tan boots in winter.

I also got this Oasis black knitted dress for £2.99 from the Oxfam shop.  I could not believe my luck with this dress as this retailed at around £50.00 in Oasis and it looks like brand new.  It says XS on the label but Its more of a 10-12.  This is such fabulous quality. 

Then in St Peters Hospice I got this Next knitted dress for £3.00 (they were selling it for £10) but it was reduced to £3.00 in the sale....!  I love this, I remember seeing it on the Next website and loved it but would not have spent £30 on it.  It has been worn a few times but in great condition and its very flattering.  This will be great for work.

Well that's some of my winter wardrobe the middle of the biggest heatwave! ha ha.

Also I got this Teal floral dress which is Influence at New Look for 99p on ebay.  This is a cute dress and it was brand new with tags. I am not sure whether I am going to keep this though as I think it flares on the hips too much for me! 

I also bought this New Look Belted red shirt for £2.00 from the sale basket in St Peters Hospice.  This is lovely, the colour looks dull in this photo but its actually a lovely bright red.  It will be ideal for work with a nice pencil skirt.

I also found this ditsy floral tea dress from the sale rail of my local charity shop for £2.00, its by Florence and Fred at Tesco.  This is rather short to wear with bare legs (in the UK anyway) but I was thinking this would be nice with thick tights in winter and a cardigan.  God my tan has faded so much on my arms... :(  Might have to get the fake tan out ha ha!

Lastly I picked up this daisy picture frame for £1.50 also from my local charity shop.  This is lovely for our bedroom I just could not resist its so cute.

I love going into a charity shop because you just don't know what you are going to find...its actually better than shopping in normal shops in a lot of ways.

Anyway what do you think of my bargains?


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Workwear in hot weather...opinions needs on these outfits please!


I find it so hard finding work clothes in hot weather as a lot of my dresses are quite short so I wear them with opaques but obviously in this weather you cannot do that unless you want to be boiling!

I like wearing skirts but then I have to have tops that don't show too much of my bust and that are not too tight and thats difficult when you have a large chest.  They either look baggy and unflattering or tight and revealing....and thats not good for an office! 

With this in mind I was thinking of dusting off my Yumi dress and wearing it to work, I have another Yumi dress which is navy and white too but its a bit more workwear.    I just wondered if this was too pretty for work and more like something you wear for a wedding...what's your opinions?  Please excuse my fat gut I ate loads while on holiday and now I am feeling rather bloated!! :( 

Also what do you think of this outfit, this is actually a dress which I have worn as a skirt as I have tucked the top part you think this would look ok or do you think that it looks frumpy? Can you tell its a dress tucked in??? 

I have to wear the cardigans as I would feel a bit too exposed in work without a cardi!!! Anyway I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bronzed and back from our holiday.


We got back from our hols on Thursday we had an amazing holiday and I have literally tonnes of photos.

I will show you my holiday outfits over the next few days.

The greek people were lovely and we visited some gorgeous places.   I will definitely post some more photos of the places we visited and some of us.

The photo above was taken by a beautiful church that overlooks Zakynthos town, a cruise ship had just come in that day and it was packed there.  In fact it was so hard getting this photo taken as there were just so many people doing the same thing!

The Dress is by TFNC in House of Fraser, I love this as its very grecian looking.

Bag & Shoes - both Primark

I actually wore my hair up for a change too which is unlike me...but I actually really like it up now.

I will be catching up on all yout blos in the next few days

Take care


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I'm off on my holidays


Just wanted to do a quick post to say goodbye for a week or so as we fly out to Zante tomorrow morning.

This morning I have been rushing around getting a couple of last minute things and I also had a spray tan. I chose Sienna in the end as I like this product as its quite natural and its not tested on animals. To be honest my legs are really brown already but my arms don't seem as tanned but the tanning technician said it takes 8 hours to properly develop and once you shower and you are meant to be left with a nice golden tan...I hope so.  I will let you know.

We had to take Ollie to the Cattery earlier...I hated doing it but we vetted so many catteries and the one we chose seems lovely. 

 I have just packed and ended up taking most of my wardrobe I think!!!  I just have too many dresses..ha ha 

Anyway bye for now and I will try and take loads of photos


Monday, 1 July 2013

Topshop sale purchase

A couple of weeks back I had a email from Topshop giving me access to a preview of their sale items. I usually find the good things in Topshop tend to sell out really quickly so I was so lucky to purchase these real suede boots which were reduced to £20.

I love these boots as they are a nice low heel and as you know I love tan shoes/boots

Have you bought anything in the Topshop sale?

I really do appreciate all of my lovely followers and with the end of Google Friend Connect if you wish to continue to follow my blog you can click on the on Bloglovin button at the top right hand side of my blog. 

Thank you