Sunday, 23 June 2013

Update/Outfit Post - Pink to make the boys wink!

Well I am not sure if the boys actually winked when I wore this but I really love this cute little dress from New Look, I had a few looks from women strangely enough....! I wore this out yesterday when Mike and I went shopping.

Now I don't know if you remember but back in March I joined the gym where I work, I know I have lost some weight but I never weigh myself so I am not sure how much I have lost but being honest I don't think its a lot, however I am a lot more toned.  My bottom is definitely smaller and firmer and my legs and thighs have got smaller too.  I find the hardest part for me to lose weight from is my stomach and waist...much to my annoyance.  I have got an hourglass shape though so I should be happy with that.  This dress is a size 10 too but I don't know if that means a lot though as shops are very varied with their sizing.

We have our holiday in just under 2 weeks so for the next week or so I am just keeping up the gym and eating really well.

The dress actually has ruffles around the bust but I prefer it without the ruffles as I think its too much and spoils the dress so I tucked the ruffles inside the dress, I think it looks much better like that!

***please double click the photos to enlarge***

I love this little pink ruffled bag its from Fiorelli and my best friend bought me this for my birthday last year, this is the first time I had used it.  Its pink and has ruffles, she knows me well as its very me! 

Pink Ditsy floral dress - New Look
Horse waist belt - Primark
Tan wedges - New Look 
Pink ruffle bag - Fiorelli

I love these wedges too, I bought these to wear with my bikini on holiday so that I look a tad slimmer, although they are not too high though.  Wedges are great for making your legs look super lean and toned.

Take care



  1. Such a pretty colour on you! x

  2. Love your dress hun.
    So pleased you are doing your outfit posts again.

  3. Aww you look lovely, would love to see your pretty face in your outfit pictures too though! :)
    Oh, and your posts are showing on my bloglovin too now :) xx

  4. ooh I love this dress, the ditsy print is so pretty, I went to New Look on Saturday and I was spoilt for choice,

    The other ladies probably wanted it thats why they were looking I bet :)

    Good luck with the gym, I don't think you actaully realise till after a few weeksthat it does make a difference, I didn't even notice but zumba has made my legs more toned, defintely keeps you motivated :)

    x x x x


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