Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 Random Facts About Me.


I have seen this tag on a few blogs and thought I would give it a go...I was unsure at the start whether there were 25 random facts..................

1) I have a big aversion to black shoes.  I own one pair of black heels which I hardly wear.  I love my ballet pumps but I just have this thing about black ballet pumps I hate them so much!

2) I nearly drowned once and so therefore I never learnt to swim

3) I have to be tanned.

4) I thought Fifty Shades of Grey was rubbish!

5) I love real crime series

6) I am only 5ft 3in but have been called Leggy Lisa because I have slender pins and tiny ankles..people always comment on my legs

7) I hate nuts & seafood! yuck

8) I take ages to get onto an escalator if its going down.....its actually rather embarassing and I tend to avoid them and take the stairs... I am weird!

9)  I did ballet and tap as a child

10) I love pizza but it has to have pineapple on it

11) I hate bitches and bullies

12) I don't like heights or being closed in

13) I worry a lot and over analyse everything

14) I don't drink much at all..I don't really like the taste of alcohol!  But I don't need a drink to enjoy myself and have a good time.

15) I have always had long hair since the age of about 5

16) I auditioned for Deal or No Deal

17) I am a scorpio

18)  I am very approachable and friendly.

19) I have been into Burger King/McDonalds before and ordered a burger and chucked the burger away and ate the bun.  I love the gherkin!!! ha ha

20) I am really fussy about perfume and there are not many perfumes I like. I love sweet smelling perfumes....Britany Spears Fantasy is my favourite perfume.

21)  A part of me would love to be a police officer

22) I have never been to Nando's!

23)  I love all types of music from classical to rock and everything in between but I hate Rap.

24)  I decided to run away from home when I was 14, I had the idea that I would sleep outside the police station in town as that would be safest ha ha. I got to the end of my road and rang my parents and they found me in the phone box ...embarassing!

25) I am really clumsy!
I tag anyone who wants to do this :)


  1. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is a good one! I also hate seafood!

  2. I totally agree about the black shoes thing. I hate black ballet pumps too they just look wrong!
    I actually feel the same about a lot of things you have said including 50 shades...

  3. I'm like that with the burgers too hehe, my favourite bit is the Gherkins ;) xx


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