Friday, 22 February 2013

Select Wishlist

Hello everyone 
Select is one of those shops I sneakily venture into now and again as I remember years ago it was always seen as rather cheap and chavvy....probably still is ha ha!  Its like a cheaper version of New Look  (and thats pretty cheap!) BUT they do have some really nice things now and again.
I was browsing their website and noticed these particularly gorgeous spring pieces so here are my picks.
Nude Floral Border Tea Dress - I think I am definitely going to order this.  I have the same style dress in black and its really flattering and pretty.
Vintage Butterfly Print Tea Dress
Nude Bow Print Chiffon Vest
Nude Lace Skater Dres
Peter Pan Crochet Vest
What do you think of Select?


  1. Love the skater dress! I tried one of the tea dresses on as they have lots of different designs, even in a size bigger I found the waist band to sit too high for my liking as it was directly below my bust and didn't look right on me :( hope they fit you ok as the design of both are very pretty. Xx

  2. I love the first two dresses. I've never actually shopped in Select xx

  3. If I'm honest I didn't even realise they had a website! I have brought things for both the girls and I before from them over the years, but I do have to say the sizing was always hit and miss. Hopefully thats a little better now.

    X x

  4. I like every item you have above. Will be having a look on the website now. Thank you,i didn't realise they had one x


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